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Interpreting the Results of AI Scanning

To use our AI essay scanner, you don’t need any special effort! Just copy the text you want to scan, paste it into the textbox, add the title or research question if you have one, and click “Scan”.

Our AI checker won’t give you a definitive answer. For now, it will check the text you provided, implementing the color-coding system.

  • If the majority of the words are red, AI has likely generated the text. It could also imply that the text lacks original ideas and that its style is way too formal. If at least some words are highlighted in blue, the essay AI checker will tell you that a human wrote the text.
  • If there are some green and blue words, the text looks unique. The more green and blue words in the essay, the more likely it is to be written by a human.

⭐ AI Checker for Essays: Benefits

Our ChatGPT AI detector has many distinctive features. It’s not just an app: it’s a cutting-edge tool that will make your studies easier!

Here are the top 5 features of our checker:

💸 It’s free You don’t have to pay for anything!
🔥 It’s straightforward Our AI checker has a simple user-friendly interface. You won’t experience any problems while using it.
🎨 It provides a visual context Our generator creates colorful diagrams and highlights words, which will help you quickly interpret the results.
🤩 The user is still in control Even though our AI checker does all the hard work, the final decision is still up to you.
🎯 It’s super accurate Our generator uses only the best algorithms. It won’t make you doubt the outcome!

🤔 What Is ChatGPT and Why Is It So Popular?

ChatGPT is an AI that simulates human communication by using programming algorithms and language processing. The bot can communicate, answer questions, and write various text materials, such as articles, social media posts, programming codes, and emails.

ChatGPT was first announced in 2015 by OpenAI. At first, the prototype wasn’t very advanced and needed more tweaking. Later, it was integrated into many public spheres and became very popular. Today, people use ChatGPT in various contexts, from simple entertainment to more complex objectives. AI is now so intelligent that it can even code by itself!

Specialists are discussing the possibility of AI replacing some human jobs. That said, humanity still needs to learn how to use chatbot technology effectively. With its help, people can be more efficient and avoid routine tasks.

🤖 AI-Generated Content Issues

AI technology is not on the same intelligence level as the human brain. It still has a long way to go. So, if you ask a bot to write an entire paper from scratch, the results may not be as good as expected.

Some of the most common issues associated with AI-generated content include:

❌ Lack of common sense Artificial intelligence uses programming algorithms, so its texts may become confusing and meaningless.
❌ No empathy If you want your texts to cause emotions, then AI is not the best choice. Robots don’t have any emotions, and essay-writing bots are no exception.
❌ Plagiarism AI can’t create entirely unique content. All it does is take phrases from multiple sources and rework them into new sentences.
❌ Similar responses If two people ask the same bot to write them a text, it's okay. But if 3 or more people do so, their results will start to look similar. AI programs don't have infinite unique responses—the amount is limited by their database.

🔎 How to Spot AI in Writing

With all the AI’s weaknesses in mind, we will now discuss the best ways of detecting AI’s authorship in texts. Here are the 6 essential steps you can follow:

1. Look for Repetition of Words and Phrases

The more words and phrases are repeated, the more likely it is that the text is written by an AI. The AI checker can be a great help here because it can quickly find all the repeated words and visualize them in a diagram. You can still do it yourself, but it will take much longer.

2. Scan the Sentence Length

Sentences that ChatGPT writes are usually very long, boring, and watery. The AI algorithms have yet to learn how to create totally unique sentences with catchy word combinations. Also, they tend to say the same idea over and over again.

3. Check the Facts

AI won’t give you any real statistics. It will just find a random piece of information and place it right in your text. Sometimes AI gets its information from shady places or unprofessional platforms. That can seriously damage the text’s accuracy.

4. Notice the Lack of Analysis

Usually, bots are good at collecting data from every possible source. Despite that, they’re still bad at making sense of all this information. The lack of analysis can serve as a solid indicator of AI’s presence in the text.

5. Examine the Sources

If you run out of options on how to detect AI-generated texts, you can try to look up the sources. Actual students are more likely to base their essays on topical articles, books, or official web pages. AI, on the opposite, tend to drag everything to their texts. If you see some shady and outdated sources in the references list, the text is likely made by an AI.

6. Use AI Detection Tools

There’s nothing better at detecting an AI than another AI. It can do all the dirty work for you, saving you a lot of time. AssignZen’s free ChatGPT checker will visualize all the information about AI’s presence in a diagram. It will also highlight all the suspicious words for you, so you’ll only have to check the results and make a final decision.

With that being said, you’re now ready to scan your texts for the presence of AI. You can do it even easier with the help of our free AI checker. It can speed up the process and save you a ton of time. Good luck!

❓ AI Checker for Essays: FAQ

❓ Is there an AI checker for essays?

There are many different AI checkers for essays. We recommend you try AssignZen’s essay checker, as it’s undoubtedly one of the best, and it’s also free. There are also many other text types that you can check with this app aside from essays.

❓ How do AI checkers work for essays?

AI checkers look for predictable words and highlight them for you. They also visualize everything that they were able to find in the diagram. This way, it’s a lot easier to see the repeating word ratio and decide whether or not an AI created this text.

❓ What is the best AI detector for essays?

AssignZen’s essay checker has many features that other detectors don’t have:

  • It’s free and very effective.
  • It has a convenient user-friendly interface.
  • AssignZen’s essay checker presents the results visually in the form of colorful diagrams.

❓ Is there a free essay checker?

AssignZen’s essay checker is one of those AI detectors that are absolutely free. You get the full version from the start. Forget about paying for subscriptions and extra features: with our tool, you get an unlimited version with fully-unlocked content for 0 dollars.

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