A Major Medical Institution’s Occupancy Problem

Case Study Summary

This Case Study examines the problem of a Major medical institution. In this case, Ms. Jones drew attention to the fact that the representation of the hospital has significantly decreased in the field of working with patients and their families. For the last three-year period (2015–2017), she noted that Major’s occupancy has decreased from 65% to 52%.

Additional Data and Information

The effective solution of problems related to the provision of medical care requires the development and implementation of new approaches to the planning and organization of health care. First of all, it requires studying and evaluating the quality of medical care provided. Inadequate quality of medical care is a discrepancy between the assistance provided to modern requirements for a certain type of disease, taking into account the characteristics of the patient and the capabilities of the medical institution. To determine the extent and nature of the problems that arise in patient accounts, it is necessary to analyze data on their hospitalization. Next, it is important to conduct a survey of patients to identify specific problems and shortcomings in providing them with medical care.

Methods to Get the Information

Strategically important decisions for the organization should be based on the analysis of available and additional information. That is why, in order to solve the problem, Mr. Tandy and Ms. Jones must use certain methods of data collection. The collection of subjective information is carried out by means of a survey. First, the personal data is recorded, indicating the source of information. The examination may include the collection of major complaints, anamnesis of the disease, anamnesis of life, self-assessment of the patient’s condition at the time of examination, and family and psychological history.

Training Program

Developing a successful curriculum to address the challenges faced by patient accounts is of particular importance. First of all, it is necessary to train staff in working skills and effective communication with patients. This is due to the fact that communication occupies one of the leading places in the interaction between people in the hospital. Moreover, it is necessary to develop and implement documents according to which employees will process communication. This may be a controlled regulation on the procedure for dealing with complaints and instructions for their resolution. The instructions should specify how to work with oral appeals, anonymous appeals from relatives of patients, and complaints about the quality and volume of medical care.

How to Overcome Resistance to Training

Mr. Tandy can use several ways to convince staff of the need for a training program. First, it is necessary to inform medical professionals that patients, when they get to the hospital, may experience such negative emotions as pain, fear, and aggression. Therefore, they need increased attention from not only the family but also doctors and nurses. Patients also need a sense of security from the medical staff.

It helps to overcome resistance to learning by clarifying the significance of current threats and demonstrating learning opportunities to prevent these problems. To do this, it is necessary to use the motivation of medical workers (Mamay et al., 2021). Managers need to take into account the needs and inclinations of those affected by the changes and demonstrate that they receive individual benefits from the implementation of training. It is also important to have a common understanding of the need for changes and a sense of belonging to them. In addition, the higher the authority of managers, the greater the impact they can have on the training process.

Grant Approval for the Program

Mr. Tandy and Ms. Jones are required to provide Ms. Martinez with the information obtained from the Patient Report data study. They should convey the problem that the treatment of patients in the hospital has significantly decreased due to complaints about the unsatisfactory attitude of medical staff to patients. Ameh et al. (2019) emphasize that “training results in significant improvements in health care provider knowledge/skills and change in clinical practice” (p. 257). It is also important to show how this issue can affect the work and performance of a medical institution. In addition, it is necessary to provide Miss Martinez with a training program for the hospital staff to show her strengths and possible positive results. After receiving the approval of the Major General Director for the training program, the necessary funding will be provided if the funds to cover the training will suit the Financial Management.

Effectiveness of the Training Program

Evaluation of the effectiveness of training is an important stage of the personnel training process. The success of the ongoing program should be assessed continuously. It is important to do this in a qualitative or quantitative form, assessing the impact on the performance of the organization. Evaluation of the effectiveness of training can be carried out with the help of tests and questionnaires filled out by students.

There are several criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of training:

  • opinion of students;
  • assimilation of educational material;
  • behavioral changes;
  • working results;
  • cost efficiency.

The information obtained as a result of evaluating the effectiveness of specific training programs should be analyzed and used in the preparation and implementation of similar programs in the future.


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