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Even though some studies show that school uniform’s adoption improves students’ performance, school uniform should not be adopted at schools because it limits students’ individuality, it is a burden for low-income families, and it restricts students’ physical activity.

Whereas some studies show that school uniform’s adoption improves students’ performance, school uniform should not be adopted at schools given that it limits students’ individuality, it is a burden for low-income families, and it restricts students’ physical activity.

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🚀 Thesis Statement Basics

What Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement sums up an essay's subject and goal. A compelling thesis statement organizes the essay’s structure and helps the reader understand what you'll discuss in your paper.

The thesis is usually located at the end of the introduction. It’s usually short and doesn’t exceed a single sentence. But if your topic is complex, you can make your thesis two sentences or longer.

Why Is a Thesis Statement Important?

A compelling thesis statement sets the direction for the entire essay and states the main topic of the text. Here are the main reasons why it’s so important:

  1. The thesis statement describes how the author intends to reveal the main issue.
  2. It explains to the reader what to anticipate from the main body and the conclusion.
  3. It briefly answers the central question asked in the essay’s topic.
  4. It states an opinion that people might agree or disagree with.

✍️ How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

Now that you know why a strong thesis is vital for your essay, let’s see how to write one. Here we will cover all the steps that will get you to create a perfect thesis statement.

1. Brainstorm the Topic

To make a strong thesis, you need to have an understanding of what your essay will actually be about. Take into account the following tips for picking the potential topic:

  • Choose a subject that you’re interested in. If there’s something you’re curious about, go ahead and pick it! Even if you don't know much about it, it will be fun for you to learn about it while writing.
  • Focus on a specific area. If you don’t do that, your work will be too general and possibly too vague. Still, it's best to be moderate, or you will have little to write about.
  • Ensure that there are enough references. You don't want to run out of credible sources of information in the middle of your essay.

2. Formulate a Question

After you’ve picked a suitable topic, it’s time to formulate it as a question. You want to restructure it, so it requires an answer. For instance, if you wish to write about global warming, consider the question: "How does global warming affect endangered animals?"

3. Draft an Answer

Every question needs an answer. If you already know it, write it down right away. It will serve as a solid foundation for your thesis statement. If you don't already have it, do preliminary research to find the answer. Be sure to check out reliable sources so that you can provide proof later in your essay's main body.

4. Polish Your Thesis Statement

So far, you’ve picked a topic, created a question out of it, and answered it. You now have something that resembles a thesis. The next step is to polish it. You can rephrase it, add some colorful words (if your essay’s tone allows it,) and check how it looks in its final form. Keep trying until you feel satisfied with the result.

And if you want to get a perfect thesis quickly, use AssignZen’s thesis generator! It will create a statement that you can later polish and reorganize however you like.

🔥 Checklist for Finding a Strong Thesis Statement

How do you identify a perfect thesis statement? Easy! Just follow our checklist, and you’ll do it in no time.

Typically, a strong thesis statement will have the following qualities:

✔️ It takes on an arguable opinion.
✔️ It covers an important topical issue.
✔️ It presents the author's findings regarding the topic.
✔️ It’s brief but has all the necessary information in it.
✔️ It hooks the reader up and makes them want to keep reading.
✔️ It uses formal language that is easy to understand.

💡 Thesis Statement Examples: Good & Bad

Want to see for yourself how to make a strong thesis statement? Read our examples below! We’ll show you how even a weak thesis can be improved.

❌ Weak thesis Internet usage has a good impact on people.
✅ Strong thesis The internet makes modern life easier by creating a network that brings people together, fosters new relationships, and provides a ground for the exchange of ideas.

As you can see in this example, all you need to do to make a strong thesis is add a little detail so it becomes more specific.

❌ Weak thesis Global warming affects many endangered animals. For example, it affects polar bears.
✅ Strong thesis Polar bears are on the brink of extinction due to global warming, which melts ice caps and changes polar bears’ natural habitat.

In this example, you can clearly see an answer to the question: “What causes the extinction of polar bears?” It’s a vital requirement for any strong thesis statement.

❌ Weak thesis In this essay, I will cover how fairy tales affect children.
✅ Strong thesis Fairy tales aren't simply fantastic bedtime stories—they also shed light on children's psychology.

Here, you can observe how a simple topic can be made more profound and transformed into a truly interesting concept. That’s how you make a strong thesis!

Now you know how to write a thesis for your essay. Congratulations! With the help of our free thesis identifier, you can make the process even easier. Use it as much as you like, and have fun!

❓ Thesis Identifier FAQ

❓ What is an example of a thesis statement?

Here are 2 examples of good thesis statements:

  • When children are encouraged to read, they can develop positive habits that support comprehension abilities, boost vocabulary, and broaden their awareness of unfamiliar cultures.
  • Websites can offer advertising and customer service, which businesses need to take advantage of.

❓ What are the 4 types of thesis statements?

The 4 types of a thesis statements are:

  1. Argumentative thesis, where you take a certain position and prove it to your reader.
  2. Analytical thesis, where you analyze what causes a problem and how to .
  3. Expository thesis, which explains or describes a particular topic to the reader.
  4. Narrative thesis, which tells a story or recounts an event.

❓ How do you check if a thesis statement is correct?

A correct thesis statement:

  • Is directly connected to the topic.
  • Has a question behind it.
  • Is no longer than 2 sentences.
  • Covers all of the essay’s main aspects.

❓ How do you identify a thesis statement?

Generally, a thesis statement is 1-2 sentences that are located at the end of your text’s introduction. It summarizes the main points of an essay or a research paper, including its theme and the main idea. One way to identify a thesis is to use a thesis statement identifier.

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