Free Tools for Students

Text Reworder

If you’re looking for a free rewording tool, try the one we offer. It will help you avoid plagiarism, improve your vocabulary diversity, and save your energy.

Sentence Rephraser

Our sentence rephraser will polish any phrase, paragraph, or essay. With it, you’ll be able to replace words in a text and get a 100% original piece in two clicks.

Summary Typer

Summarize any academic piece quickly and efficiently with our online summary typer. This 100% free tool designed for academic purposes will save you time.

Abstract Generator

With this academic tool, you’ll be able to generate an abstract for any research paper or essay. It is easy to use, 100% free, and efficient! No registration needed.

Title Formulator

Generate a catchy and exciting topic for an assignment of any genre with our research title formulator. This free tool will make your writing process more enjoyable.

Hypothesis Generator

What is the difference between null and alternative hypothesis? Find the answer here! With this null and alternative hypothesis generator, you`ll make a good one in seconds.

Read My Essay

If you’re looking for a way to hear how your text sounds, check this online text-to-speech converter. Our free tool will help you with your studies!

Attention Getter Generator

Do you need help writing a catchy hook for your essay? Use this attention getter generator! Create an unlimited number of hooks with this free software.

Thesis Statement Finder

Struggling to make a good thesis statement for your essay? Worry no more! With this free thesis statement identifier, you’ll have no more problems creating an outstanding thesis in seconds.

Inquiry Question Generator

Stuck with your inquiry question? Don’t sweat it! With this fantastic app, you can get an unlimited number of generated inquiries for any research.

Topic Sentence Writer

Need help with making a topic sentence? Check out our free topic sentence writer! It’s a great and handy tool that will make your studies easier.

AI Essay Checker

Wondering how to check if a text was written by an AI? Check out our reliable ChatGPT essay detector! It’s a groundbreaking tool that will help analyze texts for AI-generated content.

Personal Statement Builder

Need help making a personal statement for the university or job? Don't sweat it! Our free online tool will create a unique personal statement for you.