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⭐️ Essay Reworder: the Benefits

🌐️ Online instrument You don’t need to download any apps on your device.
πŸ†“ No hidden payments The essay reworder for students is 100% free of charge.
πŸ•Ή Tunable You can choose the share of words to change in the text.
πŸ‘€ Examples Look at the rewording examples if you have any questions left.

πŸ€” Why You Should Use a Reworder

Being at a loss of words is something that everyone experiences at some point. It often happens when writing an essay on a complicated topic or trying to paraphrase a source text. One option is to consult a dictionary, but we have a better solution to this frequent problem: our rewording tool. It has numerous benefits:

  1. It will help you avoid plagiarism by changing the original text.
  2. The app will improve your vocabulary diversity.
  3. You will have more free time as you won't have to browse a dictionary.
  4. Paying for paraphrasing software is no longer an issue since our generator is 100% free.

πŸ†š Rewording vs. Quoting

When it comes to expressing someone else's ideas in your work, there are two ways you can go about it:

  • Rewording: using your own words to describe the concept.
  • Quoting: repeating the existing text in its original form.

Each option has its benefits. However, it's essential to understand when to use them:

When to reword When to quote
  • When you need to adjust the information you're presenting: for example, you can put it in simpler words.
  • When some points are not highlighted enough or have too much emphasis on them. In this case, you're able to stress only the crucial parts.
  • When you are doing a textual analysis and exact wording of some fragments is essential.
  • When the way the idea is expressed is just way too good to reword.

πŸ–ŠοΈ How to Reword an Essay

When it comes to rewording, there are several ways to do it. Let's talk about them:

  1. Synonyms. It is by far the most obvious method. You check your work for repetitions or weak words and change them for something with a similar meaning. The only thing you should avoid is misusing fancy words.
  2. Changing the voice and tense of verbs. Did you find yourself using a single tense for the whole text? Or maybe there's too much passive voice? You should deal with these issues accordingly.
  3. Structuring the text. Splitting sentences in two, combining them, changing open questions into general onesβ€”there are many ways to restructure your paragraphs. For example, the sequence β€œChange the wording. Revise the sentence structure. And, finally, edit your variant" can be easily turned into a single sentence.
  4. Changing phrases. This method implies stating a word combination differently. For example, it's helpful when doing statistics. Instead of β€œ70% of people”, you may say β€œ7 people out of 10," and β€œ25%” can be changed into "a quarter."

πŸ“š How to Find Synonyms for Rewording

Now, let's say you've decided to paraphrase a text using synonyms but can't think of any. What should you do then? Well, we can give you a hint:

  • Use a thesaurus. This approach is low-hanging fruit. If you don't know a word with a similar meaning, then you look it up: simple as that.
  • Go more/less specific. Every scientific term is usually a part of a broader term or a class. A planet can be a gas giant or a terrestrial, and a cat can be a Birman or a Bombay: you get the point. Specifying something about the subject can be an excellent way to spice up your wording.

Don't feel like looking for synonyms? Use our rewording tool!

πŸ“ Good & Bad Rewording Examples

Now let's see some examples of correct and not-so-good rewording. The first example comes from this astronomy article on Space:

It's a little wonder the pulsar has picked up the nickname "Lich" after a powerful and evil undead creature of the same name in fantasy.

Good rewording Bad rewording
The fact that the star is now known under the nickname "Lich," the same name as malicious creatures from fantasy books, is unsurprising. Interestingly, the thing is now called "Lich," just like the skeleton mages from fiction.

Now, the second example has two main problems:

  1. β€œThe thing” is an informal phrase you can't use in a scientific text.
  2. Every fantasy fan knows that a lich and a skeleton mage are entirely different things. So, make sure to check your synonyms.

The following example is taken from The Verge's piece about auto-tune :

Auto-Tune certainly isn’t the only robot voice effect to have wormed its way into pop music.

Good rewording example Bad rewording example
There exist other pop music robot voice effects aside from auto-tuning. Auto-tune certainly isn’t the only robot voice effect that has entered pop music.

Here the second example is bad mainly due to its unoriginality. It looks more like a quotation and will likely be marked as plagiarism.

With that, we end our little guide on rewording. We hope our rewording generator will be helpful for you. Good luck with your assignments!

❓ Text Reworder FAQ

❓ Are paraphrasing tools cheating?

No, using a tool for doing your work is not cheating. A rewording app helps you with making your text more original and vivid. It doesn't write the whole paper for you, which is why it's not forbidden to use it.

❓ Is there a website to reword sentences?

Sure, there are plenty of online tools to do that. One of the best ones is the free rewording generator on It offers a variety of synonyms and allows you to choose how much of the text you want to change.

❓ What is the website that rewrites essays?

AssignZen is a website that hosts an excellent rewriting tool. It can help you vary your vocabulary with ease. If you want to save your money and time, it would be the best choice. It produces results instantly and is completely free to use.

❓ What is the best article rewriter?

The generator on is the best out there. If you need to rewrite your paper as quickly and conveniently as possible, then it's your way to go. The site does a great job at changing words with suitable synonyms.

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