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💡 What Is a Topic Sentence?

A topic sentence opens a paragraph and introduces its main subject. It must be informative without being too broad or confusing to the audience.

A topic sentence helps readers navigate your paper by announcing what each paragraph will be about. Together with the thesis, topic sentences give an essay its basic structure.

Why Is a Topic Sentence Important?

A well-written topic sentence can make a paragraph's primary concept more evident while creating a stronger sense of coherence throughout the essay. But that's not all of it: a topic sentence has many other purposes!

🎯 It serves as a mini-thesis statement. The first sentence presents the paragraph's main idea concisely.
📚 It provides a hint of the paragraph's content. The topic sentence lets the reader anticipate the following arguments or supporting evidence.
🧵 It connects the paragraph to the essay's primary objective. Each topic sentence establishes a clear link between the paragraph's content and the essay’s broader themes.
🏆 It supports the claims made in the paragraph. It introduces the main idea and provides a framework for the rest of the paragraph to develop and support it.

3 Types of Topic Sentences

There are 3 types of opening sentences that depend on the paragraph’s purpose:

  1. General topic sentences announce the main idea of the paragraph. They are broad and not specific.
Example: Hiring real-live celebrities is currently the hottest trend in advertising.
  1. Clueing topic sentences explain the paragraph's main idea and hints at what will be discussed in it.
Example: There are numerous electric car brands in the market.
  1. Specific topic sentences introduce all the details and the order in which they will be covered.
Example: Mitsubishi Company makes various products, such as cars, fridges, TV sets, and air-conditioners.

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Topic Sentence vs. Thesis Statement

Some students confuse topic sentences and thesis statements. While the two are similar in some ways, they’re still very different. Check out the comparison below:

Thesis statement Topic sentence
  • States the focus of an entire essay.
  • Is independent.
  • Covers the essay’s topic wholly, including the main conclusion.
  • A thesis is a single statement in the essay’s intro.
  • States the focus for a single paragraph.
  • Supports the thesis.
  • Covers the essay’s topic from a certain angle.
  • There are as many topic sentences as paragraphs.

🚀 4 Steps to Writing a Topic Sentence

Now, let's examine the actual process of creating a topic sentence. For starters, it would take 4 steps that we will explain below.

1. Create a Thesis Statement

A topic sentence is directly related to the thesis, so you need to create it first. To do it, identify the central theme of your essay and formulate it as a sentence.

2. Make an Outline of Your Paper

The next step is to outline the essay’s body paragraphs. Plan what you will write in each of them and add the supporting details. Now, you’re ready to make a topic sentence!

3. Draft the Topic Sentences

Write a sentence that connects the body paragraph to the essay's main idea with “what” and “why” questions. It’s the easiest way to ensure that your essay's body adequately explores your main subject. For example, if your essay is about poverty, then your first topic sentence can go like this:

  • What: Poverty is a terrible phenomenon that continues to raise its ugly head today…
  • Why: ...because social inequality and discrimination still exist.

4. Refine Your Topic Sentences

After you've successfully created your topic sentence, it's time to refine it and polish it to perfection. As you write the paragraph, something may change in its content. You may add something extra or remove some of the arguments. That’s why it’s crucial to revise your topic sentences and return to them once the paragraphs have been completed.

⚠️ Things to Avoid When Writing a Topic Sentence

Do you want your topic sentences to be ideal? Then it's essential to watch out for the common mistakes. Keep in mind the following:

  1. Don’t write “my” in a topic sentence. Your personal opinion is already present throughout your essay. There is no need to write sentences like "I'm going to tell you..." or "My paper is about..." They will ruin the formal tone of your essay.
  2. Don’t use complex vocabulary. At some point, you may get lost in a pile of complicated words and sentences. In addition to that, your audience may also get confused and forget about the main idea of your essay.
  3. Don’t tell everything from the start. Your topic sentences must give your readers only a taste of what's coming. Avoid laying everything in front of them before you actually get to it.
  4. Don’t start with quotes. A good topic sentence must indicate your opinion. If you start with a quote, the readers might think the paragraph will cover the quoted person's thoughts rather than yours.

🔥 Topic Sentence Examples: Good & Bad

Finally, we’ve prepared some great examples for you! See what good topic sentences look like and how to improve bad ones.

✅ Good example Employees of the national parks are encouraged to stay current in their respective study fields and are often compelled to do so. This is possible thanks to on-the-job training, seminar participation, and tuition support for relevant college courses.
❌ Bad example President Woodrow Wilson established the first national parks in 1916. Now they provide many summer employment opportunities each year.

Both of these examples cover the topic of national parks. The first example is more detailed, as it tells more about the situation and less about its surroundings.

✅ Good example Many states will see an improvement in student learning if there is a national set of math and English instruction standards.
❌ Bad example Students need to be educated better.

The bad example only announces the problem, while the good one touches on the possible solution discussed in the paragraph.

✅ Good example Most writing styles can be improved by developing an outline.
❌ Bad example In general, if you first create an outline, writing an essay, thesis, or other academic or nonacademic paper is far simpler and of much higher quality.

With this example, the difference is self-evident. It proves that complexity is not your friend when it comes to writing a topic sentence.

And that’s it for today! We hope you’ve learned many helpful things and are ready to create excellent topic sentences. The last thing that we recommend you is to check out our free AI-powered topic sentence generator. Good luck!

❓ Topic Sentence Writer FAQ

❓ How do I write a topic sentence?

Before you can write a topic sentence, you require a solid thesis statement. Then, make an outline to clarify what will be covered in each paragraph. Finally, you can write a topic sentence that is connected to your thesis and discloses what the section will be about.

❓ What is a good topic sentence writer?

There are many topic sentence apps out there, but by far, the best one is AssignZen’s AI-powered online generator. It’s highly efficient, has a user-friendly interface, and is free for everyone. All people who tried AssigZen’s generator were more than satisfied with the results, so go ahead and try it!

❓ What are the 5 topic sentences?

  1. The introduction of uniforms limits students’ individuality.
  2. There are numerous potential causes of global warming.
  3. Systemic discrimination contributes to crime in impoverished regions.
  4. Modern sociology is based on ancient studies.
  5. Louis Braille's approach can be compared to several earlier tactile reading methods.

❓ What 3 things must a topic sentence include?

Here are the 3 things that every topic sentence must have in it:

  1. A topic sentence must hint at what will be disclosed in the body paragraph.
  2. It must provide support for the essay’s thesis statement.
  3. The topic sentence announces the order by which the paragraph will cover different aspects.

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