Alternative Ending of “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare

An alternate ending is a story conclusion considered, written, or developed but was ultimately rejected in preference for a different resolution. Alternative endings are frequently assumed to have minimal impact on the standard plot. Consequently, whenever critics and test audiences disagree with the filmmaker’s concept, the producers may create other endings since consumer preferences must supersede creative intent. Occasionally, a production firm may acquire a good bargain on production first, predicting potential concerns with test audiences before they materialize. As shown below, this is one of the most talked-about and cherished stories of all time, and the finale has elicited strong emotions among story-reading and film fans. As a result, this article will tell the story of Romeo and Juliet’s alternative conclusion.

Thus, in this scenario, the alternate ending of Romeo and Juliet’s story begins when the message of Juliet and Friar Laurence’s great plot of the false death has just been conveyed to Romeo. Earlier on, Romeo was truly lucky because the generally upsetting news of Juliet’s presumed death would have prompted him to do something exceedingly foolish or idiotic, which he later learned that he had done for no reason (Romeo and Juliet). As he rejoiced at his good fortune, he returned to look for Julie, found her, and took her away from the dreadful conflict between Montage and Capulet.

However, first, Romeo arrived at the tomb and sat at Juliet’s side, waiting for the poison she had swallowed to wear off. Unexpectedly, someone entered the grave to visit the ‘deceased’ Juliet and saw Romeo. He fearlessly requested a battle, but Romeo said that violence wore him out, and on the last occasion he challenged someone, he murdered the adversary and lost the respect of his beloved’s household. Instead of attacking Romeo, the stranger proceeded to notify Capulet about Romeo’s alarming visit. While this was going on, Juliet rubbed her tired eyes and gazed up further into the eyes of Romeo, the one person she had gone to such lengths to “die” (Romeo and Juliet). Romeo warned her about the invader and how her relatives would soon learn about their nefarious plan of eloping.

As a result, they resolved to flee and set a trap on the grave, making it appear as if Romeo had laid some curse on Juliet’s body upon exiting, thereby concealing Juliet’s death and his identity while disclosing none of their reckless and uncomfortable falsehoods. The blissfully reunited pair left the country to start a new and carefree life where they could live in each other’s memories and enjoy eternal love. They settled in a modest house and reared a child called Ruliet. However, Romeo and Juliet’s relationship had become more unmanageable than their previous one, resulting in many emotionally damaging disputes for the tiny kid. They ultimately decided it would be better to separate Juliet now had absolute control of the house, possessions, the child, and everything else they possessed. She later became a prostitute to provide for her kid Juliet, while on the side of town, Romeo was evicted from his home and forced to live on the streets.

Both individuals led a hopeless life where Romeo frequently broke into people’s homes, searching for food and other necessities. After many long years of thievery and other deplorable crimes, he resolved to commit suicide with a well-known poison he had stolen however, he failed. Romeo is presently in a mental institution distant from Verona. The booby trap he and Juliet had set in the grave, which they thought was brilliant, did not function.

Lord Capulet and Montage ultimately discovered their children’s deception and agreed to set aside their disagreements of parenting. “What have these kids done?!” Montage said “they believe they understand what love is, yet they lack discipline and wisdom! We have to do something about it!” he continued to lament (Romeo and Juliet). Montage and Lord Capulet acted on their promise that something needed to happen. They then began searching for the two lovers, which lasted for five years before discovering slight indications of Romeo’s previous street existence. They inquired throughout the neighborhood to see if anyone knew where Romeo was and soon found someone who knew where he used to stay on the streets. The person informed them that Romeo had been sent to a mental institution after attempting to commit suicide with a lethal poison.

Montague and Lord Capulet both thanked the person and proceeded to the institution. When they arrived, they chastised Romeo for his heinous behavior. Capulet believed that his crime was a suitable punishment, mainly since the whole relationship with Juliet had not been successful. After that, Montague killed Romeo while sleeping with a razor blade imprinted with Juliet’s fingerprints. As a result, Juliet was sought and detained once the police learned of the tragedy. Juliet was perplexed by these charges and began wailing for an eternity. Ruliet, the daughter, was sent to reside with Capulet and Montague. Consequently, Montague covertly became a crazy murderer due to an addiction he had developed. He transformed into a deadly psychopath who killed for many years and was never apprehended. Ruliet was far more intelligent than her parents, and she became a great philosopher, yet eventually condemned her.


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