Aspects of Nursing Profession

Whenever I am asked what the purpose of my life is, I answer that it is to help other people. From early childhood, I have always been fascinated with the hard work, selflessness, and kindness of nurses who cared for me. Therefore, the concourse of circumstances and the luck to be personally familiar with such nurses contributed to my decision to dedicate my life to the nursing profession. The study conducted by Glerean et al. reveals that the majority of young people regard the care of nurses as “inferior to doctors’ work” (95). Even though such a point of view is understandable, I have always respected the efforts of nurses. Besides, patients in the hospital contact nurses much more often than a doctor. Furthermore, numerous nursing theories emphasize that effective communication between a patient and a nurse, understating, and trust play a significant role in the treatment outcome. More precisely, this idea was promoted in the academic works of Ernestine Wiedenbach, Rosemary Parse, and Hildegard Peplau. As has already been mentioned, I realized that I would enter the nursing profession when I was a child. After the appendectomy, I felt lonely because my parents could not spend a lot of time with me at the hospital because of their work, and was scared of what had happened to me. I was deeply impressed by the kindness of a young nurse whose name was Janet because she not only conducted physical exams but also talked to me about my hobbies, and interests and did her best to comfort me. Being an adult, I understand that attention to patients emotional status is a part of nurses responsibilities. Still, since this time, I believe that nothing could be more significant than helping people through the provision of health care.

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