Banner Health Evaluation on Preparedness to Meet Health Care Needs of Citizens


Banner Health is a volunteer health care organization that has a head office in Phoenix, Arizona. It is acknowledged and ranked as the peak health care organization in the United States, serving twenty-eight hospitals and various unique facilities in California, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, and Nebraska (Cohen, 2017). The research purpose of this paper is to evaluate the preparedness of Banner Health concerning fulfilling the health care requirements of the patients in the recent years to come.

Banner Health Organizational Description

This organization is a health system that offers various services, consisting of home care, family clinics, medical instruments services, and a nursing registrar. Banner health’s principal activities comprise heart care, health education, critical care, medical imaging, obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency medicine, neurosciences, rehabilitation, surgery, and cancer (Merchant et al., 2020). All these treatment procedures are performed effectively by the medical system making it the peak health care organization. Being a top organization in the United states, Banner Health focuses on enabling citizens to acquire health care easily to better their lives. Their primary purpose is to give health care practices to society, with no profit-making (Buyse, 2018). Therefore, gained financial resources are invested in purchasing new hospital beds, technologies, salaries for its workers, and improving the current facilities and medical tools.

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The General Preparedness of the Organization

Banner Health is handling network advancement by improving the medical care delivery regions across their boundaries. This organization is establishing various emergency care and health service equipment to plan for the future medical needs of citizens. These health procedures include essential physician appointment services, pediatric, and Gastroenterology (Tseng et al., 2018). Banner Health has advanced its performance to the point of being independent in the field of resources for medical needs. They offer different services which include, home treatment, hospice, medical rehabilitation practices, trauma facilities, stroke and cardiac hospitals, and secondary treatment centers (Tseng et al., 2018). There are experts for all departments of health needs, from prevention to rehabilitation. Banner Health is constructing and launching more hospitals to meet the increasing medical needs of the people.

This health system has also established the Banner website, where people can access the internet and their home page and peruse through at patient satisfaction. Information that appears on the site includes how efficient their operation is and the condition of selected facilities of the Banner network (Sharma et al., 2018). In addition, citizens can access the views and personal stories of patients and families shared on the website concerning service delivery. This platform enables specific health systems to be seen, making it simple to review before selecting which facility a patient wishes to access (Sharma et al., 2018). This process ensures efficient access to information about the organization hence improving the satisfaction of people.

A Strategic Plan to Solving Issues Concerning Network Improvement, Resource Management, Nurse Staffing, and Patient Satisfaction

Banner health’s strategic plan involves patient utility, tactical improvement, nurse staffing, and resource management. As health treatment needs are growing, this organization aims to establish new facilities concerning the citizens’ current and future medical needs. Banner health aims to form an intensive medical care center and serve reliable treatment that is approachable to families and patients (Gion et al., 2019). Various areas are improving rapidly, and Banner health wants to guarantee that its patients and health plan constituents can comfortably access treatment when in need.

Concerning nurse employees, this organization has incorporated a staffing model to enhance adequate service of health care. The management for Banner health acknowledges that they are vital in the performance of the organization and advanced patient results. This staff is seen as the root of unique patient treatment, and this health system appreciates its precious duty to serve the safest and best care to all individuals always (Gion et al., 2019). Therefore, it struggles to preserve a healthy patient-to-nurse ratio to curb burnout among nursing employees and adverse effects among people.

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The health system is employing to serve citizens with intensive and new plans to improve patient satisfaction. This plan includes telemedicine, facilitating engagement between doctors and patients (Gion et al., 2019). This technology raises patient satisfaction by influencing interpersonal communication strategies instead of barely relying on technology to increase effectiveness. In addition, this organization’s resource management is attached to the delivery of treatment which is cost-efficient. Banner health agrees that medical care advancement, including improved services and better practices for minimized costs, will adversely occur through population health management plans (Gion et al., 2019). However, these activities will improve the management and application of resources in health facilities.

Potential Issues Within Organizational Culture and How They Might Affect Features of the Strategic Plan

Banner Health is ranked among the complex non-profit health systems in the United States. This organization maintains the belief that the capability to fulfill the mission of making citizens approach health care comfortably depends on its management (Heracleous & Bartunek, 2021). This organizational culture leads to many staff omitted from evaluation and decision-making, therefore restricting the actualization of the strategic plan. The corporate culture influences the strategy, which a company selects, and the specific beliefs and values that all employees need to follow. This culture affects the company’s daily performance and might involve what is right and wrong in the organization, relying on its functioning environment (Heracleous & Bartunek, 2021). Therefore, Banner Health must incorporate every employee in the process of actualizing a tactical plan. If this step is not considered, it can result in a null outcome.

A Proposed Model that Facilitates the Actualization of Strategic Plan for Banner Health

The goal-based strategic planning model is the most appropriate approach to support the efficient actualization of the tactical plan for Banner Health. It is the best because this procedure aims at fundamental problems and strengths involving the organization. The planning group will start by re-evaluating the company’s central values, vision, and mission and then determining each feature of the organization’s opportunities and challenges (Oliver et al., 2020). A goal-based strategic plan involves starting with a mission statement of the company’s objective and establishing an action method to attain the organization’s purpose (Oliver et al., 2020). By applying this model, Banner health will determine its purpose concerning strategies to achieve the goals and action plan to meet the definition.


This organization has made practical improvements to its strategy to maintain its position among the influential health systems in the United States and serve quality care in the following decades. Banner Health has risen from function-based reinstatement to value-based advancement to reduce medical care expenses as they grow in nurse staffing, patient satisfaction, network improvement, and resource management. As a result, the organization has continued to lead in the health services industry in the United States.

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