Become a Weekday Vegetarian

Central Idea: Eating meat during weekends only curbs environmental pollution, declines the risk of dying by a third, lowers the number of animals slaughtered for meat, and, equally, improves water conservation.


(Attention Step): Research has the devastating statistics that ten billion animals are slaughtered yearly for meat. The production of beef needs a hundred times more water than what vegetables require.

The number of people eating meat has increased in the present century. Over the few past decades since the 1950s, the amount of meat consumed has doubled globally. Thus, the research develops an understanding that the number is likely to increase in the future, putting more animals and people’s health in danger.

Transition: Why should people become weekday vegetarians and what does it imply? Let’s see!


There are three main reasons why people should be weekday vegetarians, and they are all interconnected.

(Need Step) Presently, there is inadequate water in the world due to high rates of pollution which have led to global warming.

  1. Meat processing requires a hundred times more water than preparing vegetables for sale and cooking. According to Hill (2010), meat industries are consuming much water which can be used for other critical purposes, considering that meat is less necessary compared to vegetables (00:02:35-00:02:50). How is this sequence of water consumption going to affect this minimum resource in future generations if the trend continues?
  2. Eating meat daily means that we are contributing to water wastage rather than conservation. Globally, it exemplifies that people are misusing water which will cause adverse consequences in the future, whereby people will have no sources of clean water.

A lot of animals are dying yearly in slaughterhouses

  • People think that eating meat and feeding their various pets such as dogs and cats with meat is the best way of treating them, which is a huge misconception.
  • More than ten billion animals are dying at our homes and in meat production companies (Hill, 2010, 00:02:30 – 00:03:21).
  • The number of animals slaughtered yearly is likely to increase in the future according to research, hence retrogressively reducing the population of animals on earth. Other animal species are likely to undergo distinction due to the current meat consumption trend.
  • Alternatively, people should consider consuming fish meat rather than red and chicken one. The number of fishes in the world’s waters surpass that of human beings. Moreover, the rate of reproduction in fishes is high compared to that of other animals including cows, goats, chickens, sheep, among many other animals.

The rates of pollution are high

  • Pollution rates from meat processing industries are high compared to the other elements, including vehicles, boats, ships, and trains, among many others.
  • According to Hill (2010), the rate of pollution as a result of meat production is double than other pollution-causing factors (00:02:12 – 00:02:24).

(Satisfaction Step) Signing up and accepting to become vegetarians is a generous and excellent decision that you can make, especially considering that limiting the rate of meat intake reduces incidences of pollution, hence making the environment serene.

Transition: What would that mean to you if you saved the world from the menace of global warming? How would you feel when you give animals a chance to live? What about enhancing your health?


Visualization Step

When you go to your home tonight and while in your bed, I want you to think about these two critical aspects. First, I want you to reflect on individuals who will suffer in the future generation because of devastating climatic changes. Second, consider how your health matters and ways of enhancing it. I am sure that the reason why we are alive is to be compassionate and act responsibly, thinking about bettering our environment.

Action Step

What other epitome legacy can you leave than reducing the number of animals being slaughtered yearly? The future generation will be disappointed knowing that it is us who caused the extinction of certain animal species. Therefore, let us try to eat less meat presently and in the future.


Hill, G. (2010). Why I’m a weekday vegetarian [Video]. TED. Web.

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