Boston Community Characteristics Significant to the Nursing Business and Affairs


A community in a city can influence all of the spheres of life due to the cultural and historical background of its people. The economic stability of a city and the views of its residents also contribute to its unique internal situation. As such, in the course of the essay, the influence of Boston’s community is discussed in relation to nursing delivery and healthcare in general. Boston is a distinctive city in the United States of America, and it is worth discussing what circumstances surround the current medical care system it provides. Thus, in the essay, the different characteristics of Boston’s community are examined for the subject of their significance to the nursing business and affairs.

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There are several unique characteristics that determine the community of Boston and distinguish it from other cities in the US. The city’s population is the most educated one in North America (O’Laughlin, 2021). Boston obtains numerous colleges and universities, including medical schools that excel in the quality of their education and training. Moreover, various technical advances are realized in the city due to the fact that it is the economic center of the region (Peart et al., 2019). Finally, since the city is one of the most expensive in the US, people who can afford to live there are mostly economically advantaged (Peart et al., 2019). Hence, Boston is a scientifically, technologically, and financially prosperous city with perspectives for medical workers.

Apparently, these advances in Boston have influenced the delivery of nursing services within the community. As such, Boston has the most proficient medical workers in the US due to the high level of education in the city (Burrows, 2018). Next, the economic advantages of the community are evident in the high number of people who have insurance and can pay for the care (Burrows, 2018). Since the services of nurses can be capitalized in the numerous hospital facilities, they provide highly proficient help to their customers and value their jobs. Therefore, the benefits of the city positively influence the healthcare sector and nursing service in particular.

Boston’s historical development brings context to the current state of the developed nursing services in the city. Puritans founded the city and rapidly turned it into the center of culture and education in the region of New England. Moreover, due to the fact that Boston was an important part of the trade route to the US, the city became prosperous. Additionally, the community of Boston has always been liberal in its views, which has had an impact on the nursing service. For example, all first female nurses and medical workers of Indian or African origin were accepted into the medical colleges of Boston (Boston University School of Medicine, n.d.). The long practice of medical science and respect for the nurses allowed the city to produce effective healthcare providers.

Next, Boston’s geography might seem like an important factor in determining the state of nursing service within the community. Boston is situated near the Atlantic Ocean, and the size of its land is small compared to the waters in the region. Such a geographical location might contribute to the high density of nursing and other medical care in the city. Yet, it seems that the major impact on the quality of the healthcare industry in the region is due to social and economic development.

There are two key groups in Boston that can be discussed in the context important for nursing. These are economically stable residents with insurance who present a majority of the community and the homeless people without paying for healthcare (Burrows, 2018). The last group is considered vulnerable since people in it can delay the care for the last moment of emergency because of the inability to pay. However, nursing service delivery is available for this population (Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, n.d.). This possibility of equal care is due to the high rate of philanthropy among the Boston community and high profits and spares in healthcare (Burrows, 2018). Thus, the Boston community can take responsibility for caring for its vulnerable populations.

The socio-economic climate in the region seems to be similar to that of the typical situation in the US. The demographic situation in Boston is as follows: “White (44.9%), Black or African American (22.2%), Asian (9.63%), White Hispanic (8.28%), and Other Hispanic (4.78%)” (Shade, n.d, para. 2). Although most of the community is insured, still racial and economic minorities have less access to healthcare (Boston University, 2020). Therefore, there is an issue of inequality in delivering nursing services as well.


To conclude, Boston is a unique city in the United States of America with special healthcare quality and, subsequently, nursing services. The proficiency of the medical workers and their high density in the region is determined by the historical and economic circumstances of the city. The coverage of the insured population is relatively high, which guarantees the characteristic excellence of care in the city, yet some inequalities still exist in its socio-economic climate.


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