Childhood Obesity: Digital World vs Weight

There is no use denying the fact that modern age can be characterized by blistering development of digital technologies. The process is so significant that its tempo impresses and changes the image of traditional things greatly. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the life of a common person without the usage of different digital devices. People plan their day, work and even entertain themselves with their help. It is obvious, that devices of this sort make the life of a person much easier. However, another threat appears. Civilization deprives people of chances to get involved in some physical activities. They spend bigger part of their life in virtual space. There is a tendency for the increase in the level of virtual and decrease in the level of face to face communication. Though, adults can control themselves, to a better or lesser degree, while children become the main victims of the development of digital devices (Child Obesity, n.d.). Spending most of their day at the computer, children become deprived of physical exercises. In its turn, the lack of activity leads to weight gain. That is why, it is possible to say that being the main reason of childhood obesity, development of digital devices can lead to the destruction of health of future generations.

There are several ways in which computer and digital technologies influence children and lead to weight gain. The first obvious way is connected with the replacement of traditional entertainments by new ones which do not demand physical exercises. Nowadays, computer games become more and more complicated and realistic. Children are not able to resist different attractions of a virtual world as it is very bright and easily available. That is why, they send more and more time at home, playing computer games and developing new habits. It is more common for them to spend the whole day at house than to play with children in the yard. This tendency, in its turn, leads to the development of serious problems with health. Being deprived of fresh air and physical activities, children obtain problems with health. It is obvious that young body grows fast and some psychical exercises are needed to guaranty harmonious development of a child (Childhood Obesity Facts, n.d.). However, he/she does not move and thus, does not develop his/her muscles. That is why, nowadays more and more children suffer from obesity.

The next way in which digital technologies influence the health of children is connected with the change of some traditional patterns of communication between them. Even several decades ago children used to gather in companies and share their thoughts spending much time in the fresh air and being engaged in some kinds of activity. However, nowadays, blistering development of social media and social networks created new possibilities for people to communicate. They do not have to leave their houses in order to get in contact with their friends as they are able to organize video conferences and share their thoughts and emotions online. This practice has some negative aftermath. First of all, children become deprived of face to face communication which is very important on this stage of development of a child. Furthermore, an important thing is that children do not develop their communication skills, which is vital for them. Lack of practice of face to face communication will result in the development of isolation of an adult because of his/her inability to communicate with other people.

Finally, there is one more fact connected with the issue of childhood obesity and influence of digital technologies on it. The thing is that nowadays children do not see necessity in performing some kinds of activities. Additionally, they do not have any motivation. Since their birth they understand that technologies make the life of people easier and very often there is no need in some physical activity because some device can do the same job better and a child will not have to make efforts. This tendency obviously has pernicious influence on the health of a child and his/her weight (Karnik & Kanekar, 2012). Children grow up with the belief that development of digital devices will continue and provide them with even more opportunities to make their lives comfortable. That is why, it becomes obvious that the usage of devices of this sort leads to the appearance of problems connected with weight among children and will lead to the same problems among adults who are influenced by these ideas.

Having analyzed the main aspects of the issue of childhood obesity and the influence of digital technologies on it, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. First of all, it should be said that development of digital technologies is not such a beneficial process as it could seem at the first gaze. Making the life of people easier it, however, promotes the appearance of problems connected with health. Lack of activity leads to the shift to sedentary lifestyle which, in its turn, results in obesity. Especially topical this problem is for children because they are not able to control their behavior.

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