FedEx Corporation’s Healthcare Programs for Employees

FedEx company overview

FedEx Corporation was incorporated in Delaware on October 2, 1997, to serve the parent holding company of FedEx Express and other operating companies. FedEx Corporation provides a portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services through companies working independently, competing collectively and managing collaboratively under the FedEx brand. The companies include four reportable business segments i.e. Federal Express Corporation, FedEx ground package system, FedEx Freight Corporation and FedEx Kinto global network. FedEx Corporation is greatly concern for the employee’s health. They are providing a number of health care program.

Reason for having a multiple health care plan in FedEx

It is known that FedEx Corporation is providing a number of health care programs to employees. By providing they feel that they are greatly concerned and thus increase productivity FedEx Kinko’s benefits program enables team members to customize their health coverage by selecting from a variety of options designed to accommodate personal and family needs.” (Team member benefits, 1995-2008).

FedEx provides a wellness centre in order to improve the health of the employees; they are greatly satisfied with organization. Wellness programs include such as awareness and information programs and stress management etc. By doing this there is a tremendous success in keeping disability claim duration. Due to rise in health care cost, tight labor market and need to increase productivity is the driving force to fuel the innovative health promotion, injury prevention and disability management effort. By providing certain benefit they are able to reduce the health care cost of employees. The nurse’s hotline service also plays a vital role in reducing the healthcare cost in FedEx. The employees can clear their doubts about their disease and asses the better healthcare services

Disease management

Disease management is a concept which is aimed at reducing the health care cost of individuals who are suffering chronic diseases such as diabetics, depression, asthma, hepatitis etc. Chronic disease management (CDM) is a systematic approach to improving health care for people with chronic disease. (Chronic disease management, 2007). The chronic diseases have a bad effect on the mental and physical conditions of individual so that they fail to perform their routine tasks. In organizations if the employees show a positive approach towards the disease management programs then they can maintain good health by early detection and prevention of diseases.

So the management can reduce the cost associated with employee’s health care. When the employees are healthy their absenteeism level decreases and output increases Most of the diseases can be solved by self management programs. Self-management is a term used to describe the decisions and actions an individual takes to cope with or improve their health. It includes managing aspects of their condition, such as pain, fatigue and medication, and using health promotion strategies such as diet, exercise and stress reduction. (Self management, 2007).

Training program

The training programs play an important role in reducing the health benefit costs. They employees are trained properly in handling the machines; they can perform their tasks without any accidents and injuries. So the management can save the cost associated with employee safety and welfare.

Nursing hotline

The nursing hotline service plays an important role in providing information about the diseases to the individuals. Nurse hotline offers service access to an experienced nurse. They provide health related information and educate the employee. This will help them to reduce the unnecessary cost associated with finding out the best sources.


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