Health Education and Promotion in Community

The concept of health promotion currently tackles a significant part of health care, as the notion of health has been recently redefined in terms of anticipating the adverse outcomes of an unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, both nurses and patients are to acknowledge the significance of education in the community when it comes to health promotion. What is meant by that is that patients, to secure physical and emotional well-being, have to understand the scope of impact when it comes to protective factors of health promotion. According to researchers, these factors include physical activity, a balanced diet, the absence of licit and illicit drug use, and mental stability (Itharat et al., 2017). Although most people know that these aspects may influence their health, they frequently do not realize how exactly their lives are affected once the factors are overlooked.

In order to promote adherence to a healthy lifestyle, nurses serve as educators who point out the possible implication for human health. Moreover, while being intermediates in the educational process, nurses make sure that they explain health implications clearly and with no reference to sophisticated terms that do not ring a bell in patients’ minds. When speaking of today’s health care environment, vaccination is considered one of the most challenging and controversial health promotion aspects. Thus, when communicating with families, nurses are to make sure that both negative and positive implications of the vaccination are discussed. Prior to starting the educational process, it is necessary for the nurse to look at the family’s health record in order to define the possible outcomes. Once prepared, they should address the issue of vaccination and answer all the questions concerning the process. Finally, it is important to emphasize that the process of education by no means implies choosing sides, as providing relevant information should only allow patients to access more details when making a decision.


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