Healthcare Types Accessible to Any Individual

Health care refers to the actions taken to prevent, treat, and manage fitness of individuals. Professional practitioners and medical experts offer health care services. Procedures taken by these professionals are aimed at relieving pain and reviving body healthiness of the ailing. Health care procedures may involve surgery, lifestyle modifications, or administration of medical drugs. Mostly, health care services are offered in hospital settings to ensure quality and efficiency. Types of health care include primary care, secondary, tertiary, as well as public health. Global health programs are aimed at promoting health services through capacity building and self sufficiency (Jacobsen, 2013). However, access to health care is different amid varying countries, persons, and social groups. This paper discusses the types of health care that every human being should be able to access easily.

To ensure an efficient health care system, the World Health Organization indicates that it is essential to finance and train staff. Therefore, if health care is to benefit every human being, the government and the private sector should come in and assist in bettering the health sector. Health care is vital to the economy since it promotes the well being and productivity of individuals. For example, smallpox is one of the diseases that can be managed efficiently. Primary health care denotes the scientific and practical methods and skills that should be accessible to every human being. Health care improves the living environment, services offered as well as lifestyles of concerned individuals (Kennedy, 2009). Ensuring primary health care for all reduces social disparities and promises equitable distribution of healthcare. Primary care should be offered to every human being in order to guarantee precautionary care, in addition to management for poor health. Primary health care physicians should resolve health complications regardless of the social and economic status of people. Primary health care is essential in ensuring that economic activities are efficiently executed to foster the financial system.

Trained medical practitioners who offer preventive care and internal medicines to adults can successfully guarantee good health. More so, each person should be eligible of access to family medicine. In addition, all children should have access to pediatrics for special health care services (Jacobsen, 2013). The local communities should be able to contact a nurse’s or physician’s assistance at any time whenever health complications arise. Moreover, in cases of emergencies, patients can seek the assistance of pharmacists to reduce pain and offer first aid before secondary care is sought to reduce the number of deaths resulted by lack of medical attention. Primary care is significant since every person needs it, whether young, poor, sick, or physically challenged. Illnesses manageable by effectual primary care systems include asthmatic attack, back pain, clinical depression, and diabetes, along with maternal issues.

Individuals should be able to access a health insurance plan, which enables them to save and access quality medical services at reduced costs. These plans enable patients to access universal care regardless of status. Other bases for primary health care include reduction in hospital admissions and minimization of inappropriate residential care services. Preventive measures ensure individuals are healthy and active to carry on communal activities. However, secondary care is also necessary to provide specialized medical attention to patients with serious short illnesses (Kennedy, 2009). Valuable support for primary care demands solutions to the social rights for the mentally handicapped and the physically disabled. In addition, attention to all persons requires efficiency in cost management and application of new technology in handling complex issues.


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