Importance Emily Dickinson Literature for Society

“The relationship between people and nature has expressed the impact of the surrounding on humans. Dickinson’s poetry has revealed that the world needs innovative individuals to change the world by conserving the creation. Emily Dickson as an artist has an extensive influence on people’s lives through her poetry. The people should utilize the available resources without greediness to perfect nature and its components.

Emily Dickinson was a veteran poet in American during the nineteenth century. She involved herself in poetry as a career task during her teenage life since she could compose letters to her relatives. She was an optimistic, courageous, and open-minded poet who demonstrated the community’s needs during a civil war. The form and the structure of her poetry attracted many people in America. Her main concern in the poetry was to demonstrate her feelings towards nature and propose new techniques to control the rising challenges.

Dickinson viewed humans as crucial components of the environment since they can conserve the nature God has created. She investigates various elements and their significant role in the habitat and the interests of human beings in the domain. She affirms that the way people perceive the essence of natural creatures and their relation to human life is subjective; people’s perceptions of the natural creation are relative and interpretive.

A strong community with innovative people would be an ideal society for her. She suggests that, for people to achieve maximum potential, they should form a strong community with hardworking friends and reject societal norms. In addition, individuals need to have connections in society because it is difficult to begin without proper guidance. Innovative people deliver quality aids by imposing new projects, such as schools’ that benefit the community and improve its status. Every individual has a role to play in the community to protect the environment.

The adoption of a new kind of writing and poetry by Emily affected American society and made her an influential poet. She composed poems distinctively from other poets and expressed her feelings differently in the verses. The poetry changed people’s attitudes towards life occurrences that occurred in their lives. She shunned the traditional techniques and imposed a new form of literary devices. Literary devices such as new rhymes schemes impacted people during the presentation of written works.

The usage of economic issues in the poetry portrayed a significant influence in her life. Emily was born during an industrial crisis, and therefore, her poetry adopted economic language accompanied by condemnation of greed in society. Dickinson reveals that wealth greediness can lead to severe consequences such as death and, people should work hard to achieve their goals. Dickinson urges people to gather and thank God for their respective jobs since it is a perfect blessing.

In my opinion, Emily Dickinson got it right by changing the traditional approach in poetry. The new poetry changes attracted many readers in the nation hence popularizing the poet’s philosophy. In addition, she empowered American women by encouraging them to acquire education to impact their lives. Dickinson got it wrong when she did not publish most of her poems during her life since her poetry work circulated among family and friends.

Emily Dickinson is crucial in American history because of her bold initial verse that presented her concise compression, personal voice, and brilliance. Her poetic achievement identified her as the best American female poet and a legend in American Literature. Poets should emulate Dickinson’s poetic procedures, for instance, the use of new rhyme schemes to compile quality poems. Many educational institutions use literary devices to help students boost their literature and language skills.

People should consider strong relationships as an essential practice since it help people accomplish their set goals. Good relationships establish opportunities regardless of people’s status. In addition, humans should purposely utilize their potential to conserve God’s creation with the appropriate resources. They should minimize greediness to achieve the set targets without harming nature. Educational institutions should emulate Dickinson’s attitude towards nature and teach the students the importance of good relationships effectively.”

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