Importance of Profession of Nursing

Nursing is much more than a profession – it encompasses such crucial features as kindness, compassion, and provision of a higher quality of life for every person with whom one meets due to professional responsibilities. This is exactly why I am so eager to pursue education in UW Tacoma. I think that my personal experience is the first and foremost trigger that shaped my academic and career goals. Having been raised in an ordinary Ethiopian family, I realized the importance of education since my childhood. Out of three children in our family, only my elder brother was lucky enough to obtain a university degree. However, that was both an inspiration and a driving force for me. I have set my mind to become both an educated person and someone whose work would benefit society. I am convinced that UW Tacoma offers the best opportunity for attaining these two goals.

In fact, I started moving toward my greatest ambition about two decades ago. I have been working as a nursing assistant for the past 19 years. However, I realize that I can do more than that, and by obtaining a degree from TW Tacoma, my professional horizons will become broadened to a great extent. I must admit that my decision to become a nurse has been driven by some of the dearest and most important people in my life: my father and my daughter.

My dad was a school teacher, and I had always admired watching him prepare for the lessons with all the passion and conscientiousness there could be. What is more, I was able to see what fantastically fruitful results could be achieved with hard work. That is why I never cease learning and doing things over and over again, even if I fail for the first time. In the process of attaining my two-year associate degree from Tacoma Community College, I may take a class several times since some of them are quite challenging, and I want to get better grades. My current GPA is above 3.0, but I am doing my best to make it higher. What I endeavor to do is prove to myself and others that on the way to a dream job, nothing can stop a person who is truly enthusiastic about it.

Concerning my daughter’s impact on my career choice, I cherish a dream of becoming her role model. I do not want my child to live in poverty and I wish to let her have all the possibilities I can afford. However, to do so, I also need to give her an example of how one should work on one’s dreams, not just carry them in heart and wait for their miraculous fulfillment. I hope that my dedication will bring good results, and my little girl will view both the hard work and its outcome as a blessing.

Finally, I believe that UW Tacoma will allow me to reach my goals since I can choose the major I feel most confident about and work on attaining a degree in a specific direction. Your RN-BSN program offers the development of such vital skills as nursing advocacy, critical thinking, leadership, change facilitation, and others. Since I consider these features integral to a successful nursing career, I would appreciate a chance to become your student and apply my knowledge and experience for the benefit of both the university and community.

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