Innovative Technologies in the Healthcare Sector

Through public health, the conduct of virtual meetings is significant positively to health care. First, virtual meetings help check the general’s health care progress, things to be improved, and others to be invented. On the other hand, seminars give the public information on health issues affecting the community (Tran et al., 2018). Additionally, it builds interest for anyone to keep their health, prevent illness, and thrive on coping with conditions that are affecting them or other family members. Also, seminars offer further training to students and other health workers to equip them with efficient skills; this will help to address challenges facing public health (Tran et al., 2018). Presentation plays a key role in public health since this is a program that aids in addressing disease prevention, promotion of health, and enhances the quality of life. Additionally, it contributes widely to promoting and improving the health of individuals, societies, and communities at large. The presentation also helps the public learn protective measures to ensure they are not exposed to deadly diseases and makes the community’s administrators inform health care on their responsibilities to the public.

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The utilization of health informatics would help recognize the proper technologies to be used often and be improved continuously to deliver quality services by the health workers to the public (Gamache et al., 2018). This health informatics field purposely serves multiple public health fields, including nursing sectors, emergency responses, and general environmental health. It is generally based on technology practices to enhance public health, research, and fields of learning comprising various disciplines such as information science and other related social sciences (Gamache et al., 2018). Additionally, health informatics provides advanced methods of achieving public health goals better and faster at a cheaper cost by using technology.

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Artificial intelligence is one of the major innovative and efficient technology programs used to study patients’ patterns and provide accurate and efficient diagnostics faster (Panch et al., 2019). This innovation is beneficial since it helps the health care system obtain the diagnostics of the patients, which will help them discover patient care areas that need to be improved. Also, it is used by wearable health care to serve patients in a better way. However, this innovation has its limitations they include; high cost since the creation of artificial intelligence requires complex machines which are costly (Panch et al., 2019). Also, artificial intelligence cannot be improved with experience since it is not human.


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