Main Difficulties in Medicine


The development of the healthcare industry never stops, and more new inventions and technologies are introduced. However, medicine is now in a difficult situation when every wrong decision can affect many people. The effect of COVID-19 and lack of employees are the main rising problems the healthcare industry meets on its way. Both issues have optimistic future predictions, and intensified fight against these problems will not leave a trace.

COVID-19 Issue

A considerable part of the healthcare industry suffered from the COVID-19, and it caused huge losses. For instance, many hospitals were temporarily transformed into hospitals for those patients with an aggressive form of coronavirus. Consequently, many planned operations were canceled, leading to additional death. Healthcare workers usually have to make difficult choices which might bring negative outcomes for some people. Nowadays, many professionals cannot treat people to not put them at a high risk of catching COVID-19. Moreover, according to Farooq et al (2020), students studying medicine do not have enough practice, and there is a risk of losing the quality of the healthcare system in the future. Many students lost interest in studying medical subjects, and they could not receive enough information to be confident in what they are doing.

Lack of Employees

Before COVID-19 happened, the healthcare industry was coping with an increasing problem of employee loss. The attitude towards nurses and doctors was not always stable and positive, leading to massive layoffs. The lack of professionals is lining up long queues for appointments, and many people skip their annual check-ups of all doctors. When COVID -19 started, this situation aggravated, and the healthcare industry lost even more workers. However, now it is all coming back as normal, and the industry is feeling growth again.


The healthcare industry is experiencing problems like any other industry, and all power is directed to solving these problems. An increasing trend is felt in medicine, and all difficulties might be solved soon.


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