Nine Tenets by Butts and Rich – Ethics in Nursing

Every profession is guided by a set of principles that facilitate smooth services cape. Tenets can be defined as principles that make a given career be what it was meant to become (Butts and Rich, 2016). Butts and Rich (2016) critically lay the nine principles which guide ethics in nursing. In this presentation, I will discuss the third and sixth tenets of the code of ethics as they appear in appendix section B of Butts and Rich.

Tenet 3: Advocacy Role

Nurses are entitled to protect their health, provide safety measures and safeguard the rights of a patient under care. The function of advocacy plays a critical role in the profession of the nurse where they act to represent patients at different capacity levels (Butts & Rich, 2016). This means that a nurse should act as an intermediary between the patient and doctor, the patient and relatives, and the patient and friends. In addition, these support functions go beyond communication and liaison to integrate education and interpretation when a patient is unable to understand clinical procedures. As a result, they can advocate for patients to make their interaction with healthcare professionals, family members, and friends effective.

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Through their liaison with family members, nurses ensure that patients’ rights on certain treatments are not violated. For instance, cases such as euthanasia might be against the wish of a patient, hence, nurses intercede to prevent their occurrence. Overall, it can be noted that through nursing advocacy, a patient does not suffer, equality is promoted, and human dignity is preserved (Pozgar, 2014). Families and patients are in most cases frightened by the treatment outcomes, therefore, I will use this tenet to lay constant communication to keep worries at bay. I will ensure that physicians give patients a treatment that will not compromise their health by worsening the health status. By so doing, patients will be fully equipped with the type of treatment they will undergo and its effects.

Tenet 6: Establishment, Maintenance, and Improvement of Healthcare Services Cape for Quality Care

Patients hold great hope in nurses as they believe they are the link to managing their health. Assumptions are made that patients will seek the services of a nurse after exhausting all other services of seeking healthcare (Pozgar, 2014). In this case, nurses are obliged to supply all the needs of their patients incessantly while simultaneously considering the patient’s cultural background (Butts & Rich, 2016). Considering this tenet, I will make patient care to be my top priority. Being guided by ethical principles in nursing which include nonmaleficence, beneficence, justice, and autonomy, I will effectively engage this tenet (Pozgar, 2014). The service cape of any given place is significant to clients in as far as customer relationships and loyalty are concerned. This tenet serves to ensure that appropriate communication with patients and family is laid for quality care to be attained. Working as a nurse, my motivation will be drained from seeing patients recover and regain their health back.

In conclusion, nurses play a role of advocacy to represent patients under situations that may compromise their treatment. The advocacy role can be ascertained by the fact that nurses spend more time with patients as compared to other healthcare professionals who work to improve patient outcomes. The establishment, maintenance, and improvement of healthcare services cape are critical for quality care. Nurses are entitled to the provision of quality care that will lead to the quality treatment of patients.


Butts, J. B, & Rich, K. L (2016). Nursing ethics: Across the curriculum and into practice (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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Pozgar, G. D. (2014). Legal and ethical essentials of health care administration (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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