Report on Obama Healthcare Plan

President Obama’s healthcare plan targets all American people. It’s a compressive health care reform that will enable all the American people to benefit from it. The presidents’ plan is to have everyone with a suggestion or idea on board in order to enable them to handle the health care crisis appropriately. Mr. Obama welcomes decisions and ideas from other political parties like the Democrats so that the health care plan will be comprehensive with backups. He said that once he signs the health care reform into law, there are a lot of benefits and protections that the American people will have (Zeleny, 2010). There is a plan for those people who have health care insurance and those who don’t families, businesses, and the government.

The health care system for those who are insured will be made secure and stable. The problem of discrimination will come to an end against patients who have pre-existing conditions since they require medical attention at all times. The healthcare system does away with any other charges that could arise by preventing their occurrence, for example, the flu, mammograms, and diabetes tests, hence will enhance health care and money will be saved. People will not be broke when they are sick since the health care insurance plan will eliminate the out-of-pocket expenditure.

Americans who do not have health care insurance will be able to access various quality and economical choices. They will be able to access the public health care option if they do not find a real option relevant to them out of what is being provided. Small businesses will be provided with tax credits that enable them to purchase insurance which benefits the upcoming businesses to cover their employees (Zeleny, 2010). A new government-regulated marketplace where uninsured people and businesses would be able to select an insurance plan and purchase it at a very competitive price could be created. Patients who have pre-existing conditions would be protected from financial ruin by being offered an insurance cover that is affordable to them until that time when another exchange is created.

The health care cost would be affordable to the families, businesses, and the Government. Mr. Obama said that the health care plan will empower the doctors and patients on their health care decisions and makes the insurance company bureaucrats less powerful (Zeleny, 2010). They stand to benefit through the creation of a commission of doctors and other medical practitioners who are in charge of finding out whether there is any waste, fraud, and abuse in the system of health care. The reform enables the employers who are well established to buy insurance cover for the people working for them and those people who can afford it on their own can buy it. This reform will ensure that all medical malpractices projects are established with the view of enabling the doctors to put their patients first and not take part in any defensive medicine.

The president is committed to providing comprehensive health care to all Americans and expects support from doctors, hospitals, businesses, government, congresspersons, and other stakeholders. Obama wants a state-of-the-art health care system where it’s up to date in technology, quality service provision to all patients, and a competitive market structure that ensures that health insurance is affordable to everyone at all times even on the occurrence of unexpected illness.


Zeleny, Jeff. (2010). Obama Urges Quick Action on Health Overhaul. New York Times. Web.

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