Response to Wearing Masks in Public Transport

I am writing this letter to discuss a major issue that is likely to become a contentious issue for Florida citizens, posing a major risk to their well-being. Specifically, I would like to bring up the fact that the current statewide mandate on wearing PPE masks in public transportation is about to be repealed in Florida. Due to the threats that repealing the law will entail, it is highly advisable that the current policy concerning wearing PPE in public transportation should remain intact.

The mask-wearing issue might seem controversial, yet taking a further look at the problem will show that it, in fact, leads to a single logical conclusion. First and most obvious, the fact that the threat of the coronavirus has not disappeared but, instead, has been exacerbated must be acknowledged. Indeed, recent information regarding the development of the pandemic has shown that, after a short period of comparatively significant improvements, a surge in the cases of coronavirus has been observed. Particularly, the present crisis in China indicates that the virus will remain a threat, which is why wearing masks and other types of PPE must be seen as a vital prevention measure. Thus, halting the requirement for people to wear masks in the public transportation environment is likely to cause a rise in health issues and, possibly, entail another health crisis in the U.S.

Another issue to consider is the fact that the presence of regulations that are evidently mismatched with the majority of the states will create a clear division between their respective populations. As a result, apart from the pandemic issue, the U.S. authorities will have to deal with a vast sociocultural conflict exacerbated by the abundance of false information on social media and the prevalent voices of numerous modern media resources that may misrepresent the situation. Therefore, contributing to the current social division is a highly unreasonable decision to make.

Finally, the problem of personal security should be addressed as a direct effect of removing the regulation concerning wearing masks in the public transportation system. With the described change, a significant number of people are likely to feel increasingly unsafe due to the possible exposure to potential health risks, particularly the much-dreaded coronavirus. Thus, the current trend of moving toward abandoning mask-wearing standards does not seem to be sensible at the moment.

Suggesting further actions to be taken in regard to the specified issue, I might suggest creating a homogenous policy for wearing PPE in all public contexts, including the transportation one. The proposed solution will allow for settling the conflict and establish the idea that only one rational solution that will allow for protecting of all parties involved exists. Thus, confrontation and disagreements leading to the development of a sociopolitical conflict will cease to exist.

As the arguments above demonstrate, there are major reasons to believe that abandoning the current mask-wearing policies in relation to public transportation will not only open the target population to severe health risks but also creates grounds for a massive public disagreement that may lead to a larger conflict. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that the existing policies concerning wearing masks in public transportation should remain in place.

Thank you for reading this letter and considering the presented issue. I hope that you will take my arguments into account and address the current situation concerning mask wearing in public transportation accordingly.

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