Social and Personal Media Shaping Communication

Communication patterns refer to the styles of communication that are used to pass information. Personal communication can be self-criticism, self-justification, listening, and blaming oneself. Social communication is the type of communication that is carried out between more than one individual (Stevenson, 2005). It can be done by carrying out lectures, rising complaints, and arguments, through intimidating others, questioning, and also judging others. Mass media communication is the transmission of messages from the source to a large population. The mass media normally uses transmission devices to reach the recipient population (Wood, 2011). Communication can be carried out directly or indirectly through interrogations, praises, peace-making, expression of emotions, or the government can choose mass media to pass information about its implementation of bills and how it intends to develop the nation.

Personal and social media have brought changes in communication patterns. It is through interaction between different individuals that would shape their communication patterns. After interactions, many people tend to change or copy the ways of communication from their friends. Social media has brought a lot of changes in the communication patterns because it is after most people access different forms of communication through the information that they would change according to what they saw from the media.

Through the access of the internet, communication pattern change in that people uses online forms of communication to pass messages to the people they know and the whole world. In most cases, the internet displays confidential information and accessing it, people tend to change the ways in which they used to deliver unreliable information for betterment. Social media as a form of obtaining information is crucial because it enables individuals and the globe to get informed with even every personal secret. For example, WikiLeaks gathers secrecy information in bulk, stores it so safely such that no one can access it, and then it releases it to the world, and everyone gets informed about every crime committed and the individuals who have committed them.

Mass media shape communication patterns in many ways. Transmission of information through the mass media normally shapes and gives directions to the expectations of society and its behavior. Mass media communication affects the cognitive theory of communication. It changes people’s way of thinking since it encourages multitasking. As an individual is writing another program alerts the individual about a new message at the same time.

Communication is normally affected by a number of factors. Some of these factors include convenience, speed, accuracy, confidentiality, and cost. Communication through the use of information technologies such as computers appears to be reliable because it can conciliate almost all these factors. The use of a computer mode of communication has changed communication because it is very fast and can reach numerous people at the same time, unlike when not using communication technology devices.

Communication through the use of modern technologies is reliable, especially because it provides even personal information about everything that is happening internationally. A report from the WikiLeaks discloses information about the war between Iraq and Afghanistan and how America conducts its diplomacy over it. The use of information technology binge made communication easier. This is because the speed of communication is fast. For instance if a notification requires to be sent urgently, it is instantly sent. This method of communication enables the user to spread a lot of information at the same time. A very large number of people can access the same type information at the same time and this can be done within a very short duration of time. This type of communication enhances the growth of various international and national public and private sectors. For instance in a business, payment of goods and services can be done online that is trading online. This increases the number of sales and it empowers small businesses.

Uses of communication technology devices reduce the cost of communication. This is so in terms of lack of wastage of resources in trials of disseminating the information to the required destination. Lack of use of communication technologies requires a lot of manpower. This makes it very tiresome and it is also involved in a number of risks. This is because this 24 hours media uses various means of transport such vehicles, airplanes which can get mechanical problems. This would cause delays and inconvenience. Information that is verbally given is not reliable because it depends with the understanding and interpretation of the person giving it. Nonverbal information is confidential because one would always write for example in an email the exact information.

Lack of use of communication technologies also has some advantage that it is a cheap type of communication because it reduces mail and internet costs. Use of printed work as a form of communication is time consuming because paper work has to be done first, all the mistakes made have to be corrected and then the work is displayed as public notice. Unlike the use of computers which have software that correct the mistakes done when typing and the work is posted on the internet within a fraction of a time. Before the public get a chance to read the printed work the person using the computer would have already obtained the information and started acting to it.

Communication is a conveying information activity which requires connectivity. Through connection, people get informed with every detail especially the evils and reputable things that are usually done by people. Some forms of connectivity are essential in that they convey information at a very fast speed and this type of information is usually convenience. According to Wood (2011), there are connectivity devices which are wireless that enable to access internet services, some include the Wi-Fi. The wireless technology has made internet connections to grow and expand rapidly. Connectivity enables people to easily engage themselves in useful business, they can conduct research, share information and also they can maintain personal relationships.

The use of information technology brings out open information. For instance the WikiLeaks brings to light what other people have done in their lifetime. Openness is highly practiced by information technology because the information is made accessible to everyone in the globe through the internet (Stevenson, 2005).

Use of computers as a form of communication causes distraction. Computers interrupt people’s normal ways of working for example in businesses. One would concentrate in sending mails to the people on the other end instead of receiving an official call. Disruptions are caused by using computers to do two or several different things at the same time (Wood, 2011). A driver in a busy highway could receive a call when chatting with a friend in the vehicle. This driver receives a call while at the same time he or she is driving. He could get distracted by the information that he has received over the phone call and could end up causing an accident. The use of computers put some web sites at risks of being destroyed or banned and can put people’s lives in danger. According to WikiLeaks, Pfc. Bradley Manning was charged because of making disclosures that an American helicopter wanted to attack WikiLeaks with its numerous cables.

Communication technologies are expected to achieve various set goals in the future. These developmental goals are normally created to improve and solve critical issues such as economic, social and environmental issues that are aimed at developing the world. They include the following: A goal for eradication of extreme or too much poverty and hunger in the world. This would increase productivity of basic requirements in the world. A goal that would ensure that everyone access to universal primary education.

Another very important goal is that would ensure that the environment is sustained. In order to achieve international development a goal for developing global partnership is set. Another goal which is meant to fighting with diseases such as Malaria, HIV/AIDS and other diseases can also set. Promotion of gender quality and also empowering women is another international goal which has been set. Every personal in the society should be well treated and those people who offend others have to be investigated. For instance, Mr. Assange case from WikiLeaks has been accused of being involved in rape and molestation of women in Sweden. Reduction of child mortality rate throughout the globe is a goal which is always set.


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