STL-airport Marketing Mix Strategy

The environmental factors impacting St. Louis Lambert International Airport

The key environmental factors that affect the operations of the firm include: the infrastructure, security, local and international services, airline space, and the courier capacity of the airplanes. Cumulatively, these variables play fundamental roles in shaping the operations of the company within the competent airline industry (Tang, 2017). From the existing reports, there is a need to adjust the existing conditions to accommodate the increasing demands based on the expanding customer base around the world.

The airport’s customer segments

To enhance continuous service provision and flight profitability, the company needs to win the trust of consumers by enhancing their services. Thus, there should be a proper design for reservation or ticketing with effective customer response, automated ticket generation. STL should take advantage of the surge in technology and internet services by designing modern websites and employing responsive care providers and marketers to ensure competitive exposure to the world. Likewise, some of the issues of concern may include stress among customers. The company should provide mechanisms that motivate the clients to enjoy their flights by providing entertainment mechanisms including TV screens and friendly communication teams (Services, n.d.). The customers’ properties should be safe and well protected from any damage or interferences before and after boarding the flights.

Recommendations for each of the seven marketing mix elements

STL offers some of the global best services. The main products and services include transportation, food and beverages, entertainment. They can improve on this sector by installing modern designs of delivery to meet the desires of their clients in society. In real sense, the corporate social role should focus on price differentiation and service satisfaction among their travelers. The persuasion strategies should aim at enhancing sustainable global image within the market.

Recommendations cont.

The human resource manager should focus on complying with global space standards in creating satisfactory environment. Recruitment and training strategies should embrace technology and innovation (Cook & Billig, 2017). Market studies and customer survey feedback should help the management to initiate platforms for interactions as witnessed in modern operations. These techniques are pivotal in the struggle for consistent performance and sustainability.

The physical environment plays the most important role in shaping the marketing mix of services. In real sense, consumers tend to be attracted to what they see and the experience with the physical environment. Notably, swapping the terminals and consolidating and expanding the runway grounds will reduce time wastage and ensure profitable management of the terminus. In return, several other departments will benefit from the move while promoting sales and marketing of the airport.

Marketing plans and sustainability focus

As a leading international airline sectors, the company needs to invest in environmental management to ensure sustainability of services. This procedure may include providing clean and safe surrounding where workers can achieve and utilize their potential at work. According to Benchaabane (2019), the procedures may include offering training and operational courses on periodic basis to ensure they understand the emerging issues. Likewise, they may also employ the use of technology in monitoring system performance to detect and eliminate danger from the working surfaces. At the same time, the institute should be responsible for the prevention of pollution of the surrounding by instigating measures that reduces wastes. One of the ways to enhance environmental sanity is to promote use of safe fuels and modern engines (Benchaabane, 2019). The waste disposal strategies should be hands on and concentrate on the reduction of hazards.

Managerial and Leadership Roles

Leadership is a fundamental component in implementing change or the expansion of marketing mix in any company. A competent manager must embrace all the leadership skills to ensure that every aspect of the project is accomplished. Technically, managers at STL have proved their prowess in executing their duties in the industry based on the ranking statistics in recent years. The executive uses function-based approach to ensure sustainability in the implementation of the strategic plans of the company. Likewise, the HRM should focus on stringent recruitment and training mechanisms to ensure that the staff comprises of people who are qualified to spearhead mission and visions of the company in the industry (Romanova & Smirnova, 2019). There are several other airline industrial concerns which requires firsthand approach to fast-track the changes in the market.


To conclude, St. Louis Lambert International Airport has the potential to surpass the current ranking in international and local services in the airline industry. To realize an development in the current environmental situation, both the local and the unit’s management should improve the presence of physical environmental safety and beauty to make the customers more comfortable and satisfied with their services. Adopting effective technologies and modern ways of operation, for example, in scanning and check-ins in all terminals will help the airport to realize maximum potential profit in the industry. Nonetheless, all activities should focus on sustainable development and proper planning.


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