The Netherlands from Health & Medicine Perspective

The Netherlands is one of the major countries found in the northwest Europe, home to a number of famous historical, cultural, and spiritual locations and a part of the European Union. Enjoying a considerable influx of people for both tourism and trade, the country can be considered well-developed and widely recognized by the international scene. Ruled by a parliamentary democracy, Netherlands can be considered one of the more prosperous and successful places on the planet. In terms of its population, the country has been steadily gaining more and more people at a stable rate. In terms of birth rates and deaths, Netherlands is seeing the trend of slowly declining births, with deaths being more prominent. This is one of the features that can be attributed to the nation’s status as a developed country, as research shows they are likely to suffer from declining birthrates. The overall rates of pregnancy, childbirth and reproduction are low, seeing a slight decline each year, while the life expectancy of infants is increasing. The latter part of the assessment can be attributed to good healthcare practices, the availability of healthcare, and a generally high standard of living.

The country can be considered to be rather progressive in terms of human rights policies and general freedoms, which is reflected in its legislation of practices concerning abortion and considerations of bodily autonomy. The practice of abortion is fully legalized, and any person in the country can get an abortion if they wish to do so. The price is further covered by either the insurance company or the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act. The ability of a person to perform an abortion is treated as a human right, an extension of a person’s ability to choose the way they want to live their lives. Furthermore, the country has an organized and supportive welfare system, including healthcare support, childcare, housing, and unemployment benefits. All of these support systems allow people to thrive and improve their living conditions.


The country’s stance on immigration is mixed, with some of the practices being progressive and some being rather close-minded. The country has been historically known as a safe haven for immigrants, accepting people of all walks of life with open arms. In the more recent years, however, tensions have begun to arise regarding immigration in the wake of terrorist activities and the rise of the far-right ideology in society. Although the Netherlands is far from the most hostile or dangerous place for immigration, it is still less than ideal that people not all people are able to enjoy the ability to live to their full capacity. However, it should be noted that the country has a rather robust system of supporting qualified immigrants, giving them the ability to be better integrated and supported.

Despite many of its positive qualities, the country also suffers from a number of problems, part of which are connected with its status in the world. Most notably, the density of the population is rising due to external factors, and the economic prosperity of the people is in decline. Influenced by the recent economic crisis and the effects of the pandemic, the wages are steadily dropping while the prices for consumer products increase. This issue is in no way unique to the Netherlands, but it is still important to consider the effect it has on the country and its population.

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