The Play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” by Tennessee Williams

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The drama “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” is divided into three acts, takes place in a proscenium theater, and has multiple expositions. The play is about the Pollitt family. This is a play about a family, and it involves several different individuals, each of whom represents a different concept. Peter Ochello and Jack Straw, who are in a gay relationship, are utilized as a prism through which the farm’s present relationships are seen (Williams 1). The fact that two were involved in a homosexual relationship proves that gay partnerships were already prevalent at the time. One of the plantation’s fundamental factors, homosexuality, is revealed to define contemporary relationships. For instance, he cannot discuss homosexuality in a public setting, and he recoils in horror when he discovers that his father views him in a gay context. Therefore, in this paper, I will create my one-act play based on homophobia which portrays itself as one of the main themes in the book.


Adria: High school Student

William: High school Student; Homophobic bully

Chris: Adria’s classmate; Williams’s best friend


Tired from a history class, still wearing the school uniform, two classmates and best friends decided to have a sleepover at Adria’s house. They were still discussing their lesson about an hour ago and even bragged about how easy the subject was. They continued conversing smoothly, but as the night went deep, so as their conversation. They begin uncovering some challenges they are currently facing in school.

[ In a typical bedroom, with a king-sized bed at the center stage, two pillows, and a blanket.]

Act 1

Sound: Outdoor ambiance – Birds, slight breeze and Squeaking of the bed

Adria: Are you a close friend to William?

Chris: Not really; I rarely talk to the guy; he always looks fierce and does seem to be friendly at all. Why did you ask

Adria: I have always found myself on his wrong side. He demands a lot from me, which I can not offer.

Chris: What exactly has he done to you?

Adria: I have always been his victim of homophobic bullying. I have tried to keep silent for quite something hoping that things will change, but nothing has changed.

Chris: What! Why have you ever told me about it?

Adria: William threatens to take my life if I attempt to talk about the issue to anyone.

Chris: This seems to be a severe problem that needs serious attention. Does he do it alone?

Adria: Sometimes, he confronts me while he is alone, and once in a while, he comes with his other older student.

Chris: Were you not afraid of him ruining you and bringing you down?

Adria: I have never gotten afraid of him. I think it was because of my confidence that the older students sought to bring me down, and even my year group joined in.

Chris: [Wakes up and sits on the bed] How did this even begin in the first place?

Adria: [Sobs] It began out with people calling one other homophobic names, such as “backstabber” and “shirt lifter.” I had no idea what “gay” meant when I first heard it used in a derogatory context. To be quite honest, I did not realize how uncool I was until now.

Adria: When I was in my second year in high school, I experienced a significant increase in the frequency I was bullied based on homophobia. It happened to everyone between classes, sometimes even in the middle of a session, and on the way home on the bus. Not only was there verbal abuse, but there was also physical violence.

Chris: This is so sad; I am sure it affected your esteem.

Adria: My self-esteem was at an all-time low, and it nearly drove me to take my own life. Nothing made sense to me, and I did not recognize myself. All I was aware of was that almost everyone had concluded that I was repulsive, disgusting, and unnatural.

Chris: I guess this contributed to your poor performance on the last exam.

Adria: Yes, significantly, that was why I was constantly at the bottom of the class.

Chris: Was the school not bothered with your low academic performance?

Adria: My school required me to take an IQ test at the end of my second year since I am dyslexic. Although I had the highest IQ in my class, I did not do well academically because I lacked sufficient self-confidence. Consequently, I did not succeed in any of my classes. The school then decided to send me for a counselling session.

Chris: Was the counseling offered to you beneficial?

Adria: Counseling was beneficial since it provided an outlet for my feelings. After a year of therapy, I started to feel more comfortable in my skin. I would attempt to halt the bullying in various ways, such as by being the class clown or being friendly to the appropriate individuals.

Chris: How did William’s behavior make you feel?

Adria: My heart would drop as soon as I entered a hallway since I knew I would be bullied. There were several places where it frequently occurred, such as walking to and from school or class. When I felt that way, I hated myself or everyone else who made me feel that way.

Chris: Has your experience at school affected your everyday life outside school?

Adria: Having a hard time trusting individuals makes it challenging for me to form long-term connections. I am afraid they will turn on me and harm me. On the positive side, I now understand how unique each of us is and how our individuality contributes to our overall strength. Each person has the right to feel good, distinct, and satisfied with their individuality. The fact that I did not have a lot of room makes me appreciate the necessity for others to have their personal space to find who they are.

Adria: [Wakes up and goes to the bathroom. He stays there for quite some time]

Chris: [Gets up and follows him to the bathroom and finds him leaning on the wall crying.] Get up, Adria, I know you have gone through a lot, but I know you are strong enough to deal with the situation. Your situation saddens me, and I will ensure we find a lasting solution. I also regret learning about your problem late; hence I was not there early to get you out of this.

Adria: I understand, I have always hidden this for quite some time, and hence it was not easy for you to know whatever I was undergoing. I do not blame you, and I will appreciate your help in dealing with this monster. I am grateful for everything, William, and for listening to me.

[Adria gets up, and Chris hugs him. They switched off the lights, and they all tired to bed. Adria seems relieved after finally speaking out about whatever has been disturbing him for quite some time]

-The End-


Williams, T. (2014). Cat on a hot tin roof. Bloomsbury Publishing.

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