The Spanish Flu and COVID-19 Pandemic

In some ways, the Spanish Flu and COVID-19 are similar. Firstly, both diseases are transmitted through air droplets and aerosols. Secondly, the two pandemics have identical symptoms (headache, fever, respiratory problems, muscle weakness). COVID-19 stands out because of the loss of taste and smell that occurs frequently.

COVID-19 has spread all around the world, which is shocking. Moreover, the virus tends to mutate and create new waves. The mutated versions can ignore the protection by vaccines and infect such people. This is rather scary and causes me to feel insecure and anxious. However, I start feeling more positively once I recall that young people are least susceptible to have dire consequences from the virus.

I practice various techniques that allow me to cope with the crisis. For instance, I am aware of basic protection rules of wearing a mask, washing hands, using sanitizers, and social distancing. Meanwhile, it is crucial to maintain physical health; therefore, I do sports regularly. Finally, I take care of my mental and psychological well-being. I strive to maintain a healthy sleeping routine, proper diet and allocate sufficient time for rest.

The most widely used American and European vaccines, such as Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, have proved effective. They are safe, except for the minority of instances where people feel tiredness, sickness, headache (in rare cases: allergies and blood clotting). These vaccinations significantly contribute to the global fight against the virus.

Personally, I try to postpone visiting a doctor until the last moment. I prefer letting my organism heal itself and cope with diseases without interventions. In the case of COVID-19, I still have not decided whether to become vaccinated because several months ago, I was infected and thus developed antibodies to fight off the virus.

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