“Theology in the Context of World Christianity” by Tennent


In recent times, Christianity has spread globally hence uniting people. Tennent (2007), in his book Theology in the Context of World Christianity, reveals that the Christian faith is not only culturally translatable but also theologically translatable. Theological reflection is alive to the modern world church, which means the new Christianity perspectives enrolled in the church are understood. Global theology makes people aware of their problems and solves them accordingly. Global theology offers a lot towards the revitalization of Western Christianity. Creating a plausible indigenous theology in the context is important in the church since it creates awareness. I agree that Christians can utilize other religious texts in their communication of the gospel since it has a positive influence on Christian theology, liturgy, and devotion, but it is important to carefully select non-Christian worldviews since they can have an adverse impact on Christianity beliefs.

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The expansion of global Christianity can serve as a positive influence on the way Christians think about God. Through theological training, people can understand more about God hence creating more churches where people gather and discuss Godly issues. Furthermore, Christianity guidance ensures measures concerning theology are implemented in the right perspective. In addition, Tennent (2007) suggests that the ability to articulate the gospel amidst religious diversity is essential. Many Christianity religions spread the gospel in different ways, and sometimes the leaders may mislead Christians. Translations of scriptures present issues such as language barriers when reading. It is important to understand the role that poetry and translation played in the reformation of English to reshape the conflicts of devotion (Gibbons, 2017). The Bible is translated in the English version and that makes many people read and understand it well since it is the most widely spoken language globally.

Systematic theology concerning the universal questions of faith is important in the modern church, an aspect that Christians can utilize to communicate the gospel. This can be achieved if society accepts the authority of the scripture both from modern and traditional views (Gibbons, 2017). Some Christians may have a negative point of view regarding the scripture, which can influence the community negatively. As such, it is important to know what to borrow and not what to. Borrowing other religious texts into Christianity can be an achievement because it ensures a good relationship between God and people.

In the world of theology, the appreciation of corporate through biblical teaching is essential. Churches should lead the Christians on how to express their gratitude to God through prayers or bible study. Religion and faith can promote tolerance and other shared value that affect the way people live and act. Churches can be used as transformation center because it changes the way people think about God in the world (Gibbons, 2017). Apart from the positive aspects of borrowing religious texts, various challenges may arise and hinder the growth of theology as expected.

The rise of theological engagement with secular and non-Christian worldviews can be a challenge. Tennent (2007) says that the secular and non-Christians’ reactions can set a bad image concerning the scripture content. The use of abusive language can also be a threat to the theological diversity that can mislead Christians. In addition, the conversion of Christians to other evil religions through non-Christian movements is disrespecting the authority of the scripture. The church should condemn the non-Christian movements by preaching the gospel to eradicate these false beliefs about the nature of Christianity, which can help Christians gain motivation to read scriptures.


In conclusion, the implementation of new systematic theology over the traditional one is a great concern. Imposing new systematic theology to traditional people is bare hard because they believe in their traditional faith. The church should cultivate new tactics when communicating the gospel to Christians so as eliminate these traditions among people. Teaching in a manner in which Christians understand God deeply is one way that can use to spread the gospel. Tennent also reveals that using abusive language can lead to disagreements in the church. Implementation of new systematic theology can be fruitful if the right measures are considered.


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