Assisting a Robotic Surgical Procedure

It is no surprise that in the highly digitized world of today, robotics and advanced technology are being used in every field, aiding professionals with their tasks. However, although robotics are generally designed to assist, they can be difficult to operate without the proper training. As Beane (2018) points out, it is incredibly important to stay up to date on the new skills that are relevant. Therefore, there is a need for everyone in the medical field, be they, doctors or nurses, to be prepared to operate the machinery that can be potentially lifesaving. Hence, the mere expectation of an event, such as that described in the prompt – assisting a robotic surgical procedure while the doctor is operating the machinery remotely – means the need for preparation. As a part of it, one must be ready to remain calm and collected and trust themselves and the doctor that the operation will be conducted properly.

Therefore, if I was put in such a situation at one point during my career, I believe that it should not concern me, as I would be prepared for it. There are plenty of resources available to learn how to deal with all kinds of situations in the hospital. Hence this should not be treated differently than any other crisis. According to Chen et al. (2019), plenty of assessment and evaluation tools are available for robotic surgical technical skills. Therefore, as long as I make use of what is available to me, I will be able to deal with the situation in the best way possible. Although I would not be the one operating the machinery, I would have to be knowledgeable enough to monitor the process from the surgical room. As long as I understand the challenges that I will face, I can prepare for them in advance.


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