Strategic Planning Within Valley Pediatrics Hospital

The mission of Valley Paediatrics is quite interesting. Pediatric care requires patient-based care and significant research, continuing education, and innovation. These elements are captured appropriately in the hospital’s missions. Scholars have shown that mission statements help customers identify what an organization does and who they are in the market (Alegre et al., 2018). Therefore, Valley Pediatrics hospital’s mission allows patients to know that they will be receiving appropriate care at Valley Pediatrics Hospital. Additionally, researchers have shown that the vision statements explain to the customers the company’s intentions to use its services (Alegre et al., 2018). Consequently, the hospital’s vision is intriguing because it promises clients to provide high-quality care services in the region.

The organization should post or publicize the mission and vision of these statements for consumer awareness on their website and the entrance of the theory hospital building. In addition, the hospital organization should communicate the mission and vision statement to the staff and stakeholders in a one-on-one conversation. This can be done during training and regular meetings through prompts. Finally, the organization needs to gauge the achievement of its success because it helps to identify if the company is fulfilling its objectives, which align with its mission and vision statement.

Situational analysis is a collection of managerial techniques used to analyze the organizational internal and external environment to understand the organizational capabilities, customers, and business environment. An external environmental analysis examines the changes outside their industry that affect their operations (George et al., 2019). This analysis enables one to identify critical information such as technological changes. Additionally, internal environmental analysis is a vigorous investigation of the company’s aspects, such as its operations, mission, and internal guidance (George et al., 2019). An example of information obtained from this examination is the financial and marketing resources. Failing to conduct these environmental analyses results in the inability to identify the threats and opportunities a company might face (George et al., 2019). This might cause a significant drop in the financial and market value of the firm.


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