Atlantic City as Tourist Destination

Atlantic City is a famous coastal city in New Jersey characterized by its beaches and developed entertainment industry. Atlantic City is a great city that provides an opportunity to grasp the whole place without spending a lot of time on the road since the city is relatively small in both size and population. Thus, the best place to get around the city is on foot or by car, which is why bus stops are empty most of the time. However, the transportation system is well-developed, providing bus and taxi services; trams are closed until further notice.

The most popular way to explore the city is to go through the boardwalk. There are several local casinos, many hotels, recreation centers, and shops. Local shops are tourist-oriented and provide a wide variety of souvenirs and vintage goods such as books and wine. Since Atlantic City is a city located near the ocean, many local restaurants specialize in seafood. The ability to enjoy local cuisine with fresh products makes this place unforgettable and unique.

The prevalent part of the population of Atlantic City consists of African-Americans and Caucasians. Since Atlantic City is small, it seems like fewer people should be seen. However, because this city is so close to the ocean and rife with casinos, there are a lot of tourists flowing to this city. People of all ages can be observed in this place, from seniors, wearing floral t-shirts to the youth, working out at the beaches. The flow of tourists is especially notable during warm seasons. Most of the city’s attractions are somehow tied to the boardwalk. Atlantic City features a Historical Museum, which is located on the corner of the Boardwalk and New Jersey Avenue. On the corner of the boardwalk, there is a monument to Monopoly, dedicated to the most popular board game in the world. Along the boardwalk are the piers, each of which has its entertainment. On the Steel Pier, there is an entertainment park with slides, games, and catering eateries. Together with the Atlantic City Art Center, the Garden Pier is known as the center of culture and art. Interestingly however, the average income for an individual who resides in Atlantic City, per the 2018 U.S Census was 19,479 USD, and for a household only 29,232 USD, so although this city features a large tourist population, the cost of living is not that extravagant.

Hence, though Atlantic City is small in size and population, and is modest with respect to its cost of living, it remains an important tourist destination. Local shops and restaurants are customized to the needs of the visitors, offering unique cuisine and goods. People of all ages flow to this place to enjoy both casinos and beaches, and this does also include a decent amount of elderly people, as Atlantic City has boardwalks that allow for exercise and fresh air and even offers scooters to be rented for those limited mobility seniors to easily access slot machines at the casino. However, as previously mentioned, people of all ages enjoy this city, as the culture and ambiance may be categorized as a “party” or “fun” city. Because of this, drinking is very popular among visitors, and even residents, which may pose a community health issue and is applicable for all ages entering or residing within the city. Additionally, this issue may only amplify, as a new law was passed in 2020 allowing for the public consumption of alcohol within the city’s tourism district. Unfortunately, as the city is a tourist city, alcohol is a part of the city’s culture and is embraced, even with the potential long term effects drinking can cause to a person’s health. Luckily, there is an Alcoholics Anonymous outreach facility for those who find themselves in need of such assistance and several medical emergency facilities, including psychiatric and behavorial health facilities.

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