Change Management at Nursing Homes

In 2022, complete technological transformation is considered an inevitable and terrifying given rather than a faint possibility. A colossal change that would create significant challenges for a first-line supervisor in a nursing home is the mass adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). With staff shortages and longer lifespans, business owners will probably turn toward humanoid robots or virtual healthcare chatbots to take care of patients and decrease costs. As a supervisor, this workplace change will probably foster skepticism and resentment in others and in myself. Firstly, a key aspect of the nursing profession is person-centered compassionate care that most employees would probably feel cannot be properly performed by a pre-programmed machine (Buchanan et al., 2020). Secondly, there could be feelings of resentment due to fear of human obsolescence since buying machines is probably cheaper than paying salaries to a human workforce. AI robots and virtual chatbots do not need rest or benefits such as healthcare. Using artificial intelligence to fill the nursing workforce would probably result in negative employee attitudes.

As a supervisor, my attitude toward change management has the capacity to significantly impact other employees and the organization. If I remain resistant to change and submit to my own fears of human irreplaceability and obsolescence, my subordinates will probably adopt the same attitude. This could turn into strikes, mass quitting, or other negative outcomes for the company. However, I could also utilize one of the popular models for managing change and convince employees that adopting AI technology is ultimately beneficial because it signifies less stress for human employees and better patient care. Therefore, my attitude toward technological transformation would either make the transformation a success or a failure.


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