Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

For nursing students, using the best available evidence is a critical ability. Evidence-based practice (EBP) abilities have often been developed in nursing schools through classroom instruction rather than clinical placements. However, several proposals have been made to appeal for a dramatic change in nursing education, particularly action in specific clinical settings and a shift away from a clear division between the classroom and clinical teaching toward integrated teaching in all contexts. This paper provides experiences in the case of management for working with a preceptor at a hospital.

My preceptor and I talked about two different topics this week. We covered various ethical concerns in healthcare and culturally sensitive treatment methods that are applicable to community’s welfare. The four central ethical tenets in medicine are beneficence, justice, autonomy, and non-maleficence. After working with my preceptor, I now have a solid understanding of the idea that each patient has the freedom to make choices based only on their own unique ideas and values. With this knowledge, I have discovered how to acknowledge that cultural and spiritual beliefs may occasionally be considered when patients choose their health care and treatment plan. Equally crucial to the execution of the modifying practice are ethical issues.

Clinical practices encouraged healthcare professionals to consider moral dilemmas that could arise from using the described method. Healthcare professionals are responsible for safeguarding their patients’ well-being and avoiding anything that could put their well-being in danger. On the other hand, because the application of sanitation practices is essential to improving the health of their patients, healthcare workers’ failure to adhere to managerial sanitation practice standards may provide an ethical problem. The practicum showed that ethical issues might arise when healthcare delivery procedures are not followed.

Working with the preceptor can be exciting and challenging and promote the growth of one’s professional identity and nursing abilities. Despite working with a preceptor, the learning experience was excellent because it allowed me to be viewed as an individual. The preceptor also supported peer learning, encouraging me to be independent and take charge of my understanding, which improved my self-confidence and independence with numerous job duties. The educational style also allowed the preceptor to renounce their conventional position, allowing me to work aggressively and autonomously without the preceptor getting involved unless required. This week has been busy for me because I have been researching for my assignment on the subject of EBP. Additionally, I spent time this week creating my PICOT question and the five objectives and justifications for my topic.

In conclusion, EBP is crucial to providing high-quality healthcare and ensuring that patients receive the most significant results for the least amount of money. EBP enhances patient care, expands the nurse’s autonomy, and develops a sense of empowerment. The nursing profession will advance if EBP is better understood and used more often by undergraduate and graduate nurses. EBP may be a protracted process that starts with a nurse challenging conventional wisdom. EBP integrates the nurse’s knowledge, the patient’s preferences, and the strongest available evidence to enhance patient outcomes and treatment. Additionally, the nurse can locate significant research and recent data using the PICOT approach to narrow the clinical query. The nurse will be able to finish the procedure and respond to the clinical questions by using the EBP process that has been described.

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