Characteristics of Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a non-commercial health care organization in the United States committed to education, clinical practice, research, and the provision of expert, high-quality, and whole-person care to every patient. With its major campuses in Rochester, Jacksonville, and Scottsdale, the Mayo Clinic Health System has representative offices in multiple countries across the globe (“About Mayo Clinic,” n.d.). Inclusion and diversity are among the organization’s priorities, and the clinic aims to provide not only culturally relevant care to patients from different backgrounds but comfortable inclusive work environments for employees as well.

The differences, competency, skills, and personal opinions of all individuals are valued allowing them to contribute to the organization’s goal achievement and realize their fullest potential. At the same time, Mayo Clinic pays particular attention to workers’ equity, especially labor remuneration.

In the present day, gender pay equity remains elusive in the sphere of health care. Despite its negative impact on the profession, clinical productivity, the quality of care, and society in general, gender-based pay differences “have been shown to persist” regardless of employees’ academic ranks, experience, and other factors (Furst, 2019, para. 1). At the same time, mayo Clinic aims to eliminate this tendency through the implementation of a well-structured, salary-only plan and its compensation model for pay equity. According to the study conducted by the organization and subsequent data analysis, among almost 3,000 physicians, “pay equity was affirmed in 96% of the cases” (Furst, 2019, para. 4). Moreover, higher or lower compensation did not correlate with gender, race, ethnicity, or race.

At the same time, payment in Mayo Clinic may contribute to the remuneration of health care providers’ time, efforts, and professional skills. There are two main methods of payment in the clinic – a fee-for-service and a risk-sharing arrangement (Mayo Clinic, 2021). The first method implies the payment for each service provided according to a set fee schedule. Concerning risk-sharing arrangement payments, “an amount per day, an amount per stay, an amount per episode, an amount per case, an amount per period of illness, an amount per covered person or an amount per service with targeted outcome” are paid for (Mayo Clinic, 2021, p. 139). As a result, workers have an opportunity to receive equal and fair payment based on their working hours and professionalism instead of gender or race.

Mayo Clinic has a well-elaborated balance between internal equity and external competitiveness due to the existence of multiple rivals, including Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Centers, and many others. There are several components of the clinic’s successful performance, including innovations, “the creation of an enduring culture of patient-centeredness and medical teamwork, and the design of a sustainable leadership and governance structure” (Berry & Seltman, 2014, p. 144).

At the same time, the organization emphasizes the significance of a harmonious teamwork culture. That is why it practices deliberate hiring, and not only the professional skills of candidates are important but their behavioral patterns, individual peculiarities, and an ability to work in a team as well. Nevertheless, the professionalism of health care providers in Mayo Clinic is exceptional as the organization traditionally hires those specialists who participated in its programs and were previously educated in its school. Moreover. employees’ initial high intrinsic motivation and equal payment following competitive market trends subsequently contribute to their retention.


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