Convenience Store’s Employees Management

There is a convenience store near my house that I visit semi-regularly. Out of all the potential options, it is most likely not the most cost-effective or referable choice, but the speed of getting products there outshines the negative qualities. From my personal experience with that store, it seems to be run by unnecessarily strict management, which harshly disciplines its workers. While living in this area, I saw many staff members quitting and finding better work opportunities. I think this convenience store could improve its service and employee treatment. Paying the workers a more reasonable wage, regulating the work hours and reconsidering the people in management positions can all be the necessary steps towards improvement.

Without a stable, consistent workforce, the store most likely spends too much money on worker training and finding new candidates. In addition, the quickly leaving store workers cannot master their occupation fully, impacting the quality of customer experiences. To improve revenues and the entire store’s operation, the management must reconsider its employee treatment practices and hiring policies. If I had the opportunity to talk to the manager, I would tell them to be more compassionate and understanding. Many common store workers feel powerless and uncomfortable with the way they are treated, which does not afford them any dignity or pride in their work. I think that managers should help their subordinates flourish efficiently instead of stifling their potential. In addition, I think I would suggest some improvements towards shelf organization, product lineup and other issues that concern me as a customer. These changes would most likely benefit the store and help it remain open for years to come.

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