Counter-Arguments About Vaccines

Should Vaccines Be Mandatory Worldwide?

Even though the introduction of mandatory vaccines worldwide seems an optimal solution, there are significant obstacles in this regard, which cannot be overcome by specialists. First, the position of poor countries, in this case, might be only temporarily better due to uneven distribution of resources, which will not be beneficial for them in the long run. Second, the conditions under which the vaccines can be used are not met, as it was emphasized by scholars (Savulescu 4). More specifically, basic human rights regarding autonomy are not addressed, and the health issues can become more critical due to dubious levels of safety (Savulescu 5). The mentioned considerations imply the risks of ethical nature, which cannot be addressed due to the lack of available means for this purpose. Thus, it can be concluded that these challenges do not allow implementing the described approach to preventing infections from spreading.

Ethic of Foreign Military Aid for the Country Served

Foreign military aid might appear to be a good decision from an ethical perspective, but its development correlates with significant challenges, which decrease the efficiency of this approach. Thus, the seeming advantages of this method of assisting different countries cannot outweigh the drawbacks. First, the capability of this measure to bring countries out of debt is complemented by the failure to provide any guarantees on their part that the resources will be used appropriately (Gaille). In this case, oversight on these processes can be helpful, but it is impossible to implement in practice, and the chances that similar help will be returned in the future are minimal. Second, the relationships between the countries can improve while the risks for the international situation can be more significant than the gains from this outcome (Gaille). Thus, the consideration of certainty in mutual assistance and the risks of high losses contrasted by the potential absence of advantages do not allow viewing military aid as ethical.

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