Crack Cocaine Addiction and Care Plan Goals

Reason for Visit- The patient suffers from a severe case of drug addiction, which is destructive for his health, well-being, and social life.

DX (diagnosis)- Substance Abuse and Addiction (Crack Cocaine)

Subjective (S)

The patient reports having no control mechanisms over his crack addiction, where he describes it as “destructive,” “awful,” and “uncontrollable” (Soft White Underbelly, 2021). Subjectively, the client is highly self-aware of his addiction’s impact on daily life activities. He is also aware of a strong connection between his sexual needs and substance abuse, where he strongly identifies his goals and emotionally changed sexual desires being based on crack consumption and prostitutes. The client does not see a connection between these wants and childhood trauma in the form of molestation, which is possible to have an impact on the current unhealthy sexual choices. However, he admits that it was the use of services by prostitutes, which started his crack addiction since it is common for individuals of such a profession to consume crack regularly. The client also attributes his addiction to his personality, which he describes as being addictive (Soft White Underbelly, 2021). In other words, he claims that he is always operating on the extremes, which benefited him in regard to his education and career, but damaged his social life and health as well as well-being.

Objective (O)

The objective observation reveals clear indications of physical and behavioral elements of crack addiction, such as shaky hand movements, hyperactivity, restlessness, dilated pupils, and increased breathing rate. Objectively, the client has a high degree of self-awareness and knowledge to be able to independently identify the major sources of his problems. There is an evident lack of self-control and emotional drive behind the client’s behavior. The addiction is strong and severe due to it being tightly linked to sexual needs and desires, which reciprocally cause frequent relapses. Sex is a basic human need, and crack is a highly addictive substance, and thus, the client’s sexual fantasies described in the interview showcase the dichotomy of his addictive behavioral triggers.

Assessment (A)

The patient exhibits a set of strong behavioral indicators of a severe case of drug addiction, which is tied to his sexual needs, where the combination of these two acts as reciprocal triggers for relapse. The patient is skilled and educated enough to find financials to be able to regularly purchase the substance, but the main triggers are prostitutes and crack availability in certain regions (Soft White Underbelly, 2021).

Plan (P)

The is based on short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals, which are designed to utilize his current knowledge and religious beliefs as well as self-awareness to find a sponsor, enroll in a rehabilitation program, and eliminate future relapses. The patient has strong religious beliefs in Christianity and 12 steps program, which is why the latter needs to be a major part of his rehabilitation and future relapse prevention.

Care Plan Goals

  • Goals: Complete elimination of future relapses, 12 steps programs, and sponsor until a healthy and reliable state is achieved
  • Objectives/ Action steps: Finding a sponsor is a short-term goal, 12 steps rehabilitation program for cocaine and crack addicts is a mid-term goal, and maintenance of relapse-free lifestyle for 2 years.
  • Person responsible: A veteran from Narcotics Anonymous for the short-term, rehabilitation therapist for the mid-term goal, and the sponsor for the long-term goal.
  • Target Date (s): The short-term goal is to be obtained within a week, the mid-term goal is to be obtained within six months, and the long-term goal is to be obtained within two years.

Goal 1 (Short-Term)

Finding a veteran member of Narcotics Anonymous.

Objective- the patient needs to contact several potential sponsors in the Narcotics Anonymous community and conduct interviews with them in order to cooperate with an individual with the highest degree of compatibility.

Person Responsible: The client.

Target Date: 1 week

Objective- select the most compatible NA veteran for sponsorship offer.

Person Responsible: The client.

Target Date: 2 weeks.

Goal 2 (Mid-Term)

Enrollment in 12 steps rehabilitation program.

Objective- to contact and enroll in a rehabilitation program with core principles of 12 steps program.

Person Responsible: The client

Target Date: 1 month

Objective: to undergo the six-month rehabilitation with no relapses.

Person Responsible: The client.

Target Date: 6 months.

Goal 3 (Long-Term)

Relapse-free lifestyle for two years.

Objective: regularly engaging in prayer and meditation by visiting the nearby Church every Sunday.

Person Responsible: The client.

Target Date: 1 year.

Objective: avoiding relapses for two consecutive years after rehabilitation.

Person Responsible: The client.

Target Date: 2 years.

Form 6 Termination

  1. The social worker and the client in the case were able to achieve openness and transparency of admitting the destructive aspect of the addiction.
  2. The goals of a long-term relapse-free state and lifestyle were not achieved as well as mid-term goals were not properly conducted.
  3. The risk factors include the strong connection between the sexual needs of the client and his drug addiction, which require dismantling by the client.
  4. The final session will address the progress evaluation with an emphasis on the improvements made by the client as well as identification of his personal strength in preventing relapses, which is keeping stable employment and finding a long-term partner.
  5. The referrals were made to the NA community and its veterans in order to create a supportive social circle.


Soft White Underbelly. (2021). Crack addicted trick interview – Patrick [Video]. YouTube. Web.

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