Critique of an Adidas Promotional Strategy

Adidas produces a huge amount of sports shoes, clothing, and equipment. Adidas annually registers several hundred patents for technologies used in its products. In such conditions, remote informing the retail consumer about such several goods and technologies is almost impossible. First of all, television advertising is used due to its greater efficiency and maximum technical coverage. For the most part, advertising appears on federal and sports channels, which is determined not only by the audience coverage but also by the key audience that is interested in buying the product.

Moreover, the company places its advertising on the Internet and print media. When buying advertising space in a particular publication, both the distribution of the reader to the page and the effectiveness of the appeal position on the page are taken into account (Izquierdo & Blanco, 2020). In addition to periodicals, the company produces calendars, catalogs, tear-off calendars, and advertising posters. In the Internet space, Adidas ads are shown to the user based on his requests for the purchase of sportswear or equipment.

In the central concept, the sponsor conveys that people have different interests and hobbies. The company aims to establish a more direct and stronger connection with the consumer so that Adidas is perceived as a unique and unified brand. The all-in concept unites all aspects of the brand under one common principle. Adidas says that a love for their occupation connects all people. At the same time, the company often invites eminent athletes to shoot in advertising rods.

In this case, I would change the concept and invite more ordinary people to create an advertising campaign. Love unites people from all over the world for sports and self-improvement. Thus, the advertising strategy can focus more on ordinary people and people with disabilities. This will allow the company to expand the concept of association. In addition, advertising will be aimed at ensuring that everyone can play sports, regardless of their appearance and capabilities.


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