Culture and Management in a Multinational Corporation


The Coca-Cola Company – multinational drink and snack conglomerate operating on all continents. Different priorities, standards, and restrictions across countries. Standardization and localization of products to local culture. Cultural barriers for employees in other countries.

Blending Cultures in Global


Company culture is the foundation of the business. Culture building – process – gaining familiarity with local traditions. Balancing autonomy with corporate interests. Acknowledging and respecting regional differences.

Performance Management System

One-size-fits-all approach is not effective in multinational corporations. Imposing American highly individualistic, metric-based performance review – not culturally sensitive. Performance management system evaluated and adapted with HR to fit local culture. Certain standards are global and can be universally set by company.

Performance Management System (cont.)

Selecting performance evaluation criteria that can apply with equal relevance. Use as foundation to ensure some level of standard and fairness. Utilizing local managers to conduct performance management reviews. Give ability for managers to localize evaluation procedures.

Training Plan Pre-Assignment

Basic expatriate training to ensure effective communication in international business contexts. Aspects of culture, laws, and language. Eliminating cultural missteps. Business conduct on behalf of the company in the relevant region. Training beneficial in building performance and eliminating waste.

Training Plan On-Assignment

On-assignment comprehensive training and support. Teaching and helping families adapt – find housing/education. Training to deal with culture shock upon arrival. HR maintaining contact and offering guidance in complex cultural situations.

Training Plan Post-Assignment

Repatriation training and support. Seamless integration of employee and families once back home. Skills necessary to avoid reverse culture shock. Professional mentorship and building career path.

Compensation Strategies

Multiple approaches to establishing base salaries. Host-country-based approach – compensation based on national rates. Home-based approach – using salaries from the headquarters of the company. Balance-sheet approach – maintaining standard of living, particularly for expatriates, through keeping track of major expenses. Benefits and allowances will differ based on employee and region.


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