Developing a Business Plan for a Registered Nurse’s Personal Practice

Conducting private business as a registered nurse can be incredibly lucrative in the modern economy. In order to properly prepare for individual practice and become an affluent practitioner, one must first consider devising a prominent business plan, underlining future possibilities in this field. In this proposal, I will outline the main features of a personal nursing business and present my ideas on starting a practice in this sphere.

Developing a thorough understanding of the critical points of a practitioner’s business requires significant insight. The field of registered nursing is an exceptionally prominent career opportunity, as it envelops multiple possibilities for the individual with proper qualifications (Johnson & Garvin, 2017). First of all, nurse practitioners are involved in patient care and examination, which creates an even distribution of clinical professionals’ resources (Traczynski & Udalova, 2018). The medical industry requires more input from independent nurses, presenting qualified personnel with an exceptional opportunity for personal growth (Traczynski & Udalova, 2018). Altogether, establishing private nursing practice can be highly beneficial for a certified entrepreneur.

An executive summary is required for the creation of a successful business. Firstly, I want to open a local organization that will be available to the members of my community. In this scenario, I will start my career by using the networking option, gradually advancing to a larger audience (Johnson & Garvin, 2017). I plan to provide private care to individuals in need who cannot afford expensive hospital treatment (Johnson & Garvin, 2017). Additionally, I can offer regular medical examinations, thus negating the client’s need to obtain a healthcare plan.

The first step in this endeavor is finding a secure office that can be easily accessed. I plan to examine local properties available for lease and choose the most prominent option based on its location and financial requirements (Dillon et al., 2016). Considering marketing, I plan to inform the local community members of my services, starting with advertisements focused on disclosing the benefits of contacting a private nursing business (Dillon et al., 2016). This information will be posted through various mass media services, such as social networks and promotional events, as well as on a website dedicated specifically to my practice. Moreover, I will design specific advertisements with the help of an arts professional, presenting the public with credible information about my services.

Any business venture requires proof of certification and professional experience. I believe it will be possible to attain help from my current colleagues in promoting the best aspects of my professional growth, obtaining recommendation letters that will serve as evidence of my expertise. I plan to provide my customers with a range of services available at a nurse’s office, such as medical examinations, consultations, and procedures. Additionally, I can present more advanced options pertaining to pediatrics, adult medicine, and child care.

It is imperative to regard the financial aspect of any business endeavor. My initial funds will consist of early earnings from my practice in other hospitals and private organizations. I can manage both official work and private practice, thus avoiding the risks of opening my own office without financial support. As my operations become more extensive, I can resign from the employee’s position and concentrate on the business alone (Dillon et al., 2016). The possibility to work as a part-time nurse is especially beneficial to me, as it provides an additional supply of funds and doesn’t drastically impact my time resources.

To conclude, various aspects of commencing private practice should be considered before opening a local business. Providing adequate care for different clients requires extensive training, economic insight, and proper investigation of the individual’s opportunities. To sustain a profitable private organization, I have chosen my local community members as my target clients, and I decided to involve my professional experience to construct credible advertisements on various media platforms. Developing an affluent business will require significant input, such as gathering initial funds and continuing my work as a part-time nurse.


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