MRI: Capital Budget Proposal Overview

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • MRI is required in hospitals to produce three-dimensional detailed anatomical images.
  • The Equipment will help in disease detection and diagnosis.
  • Treatment monitoring is also achieved using the MRI.
  • MRI detects a change in the direction of protons found in water that makes up living tissues.
  • MRI scanners are particularly well suited to the image of soft tissues of the body.

The selected item is the MRI, one of the crucial pieces of equipment used in many hospitals. MRI is largely used to produce three-dimensional images that can help health practitioners develop ways of dealing with a particular disease. The images created can also help the physicians determine the severity of the disease. Diagnosis is also achieved using MRI since it provides information that can be used to diagnose different infections. Monitoring treatment is also achieved using MRI since doctors can sometimes acquire the images to determine any changes in the patient’s body. Different infections that affect humans affect body tissues. Thus, MRI helps in detecting changes in human tissues. Physicians may not acquire adequate information from other tests such as blood and urine tests. Consequently, MRI has been used to provide images of soft tissues during diagnosis.

Importance of Purchasing MRI

  • MRI limits diagnosis errors in the health sector.
  • MRI Prevents mistreatment, which is common in diseases.
  • MRI helps diagnose different diseases that some tests cannot diagnose.
  • Failure to purchase can limit quality patient care
  • Failure to purchase the item can lead to more deaths.

Diagnosis errors have been experienced in many hospitals. Thus, images produced by MRI can help health care providers acquire adequate information about a disease. Mistreatments are also common in hospitals due to misdiagnosis. Therefore, MRI can limit treatment errors since diagnosis can be exercised effectively (Rai et al., 2017). Some infections are also new due to lifestyle changes. Consequently, MRI can be of great significance in providing information about these diseases. Lack of equipment can limit the quality of patient care since some diagnostic procedures will not be exercised. Failure to purchase MRI can lead to more deaths since doctors will lack adequate information to treat some infections.

Cost of the Piece of Equipment and Funding Sources

  • Used low-field MRI machines can be as cheap as $150,000 or as expensive as $1.2 million
  • MRI is expensive, and only a few hospitals can afford it.
  • Governments can fund hospitals to buy MRIs.
  • Health care facilities can acquire funds from banks.
  • Charity organizations can help hospitals acquire MRI

MRI ranges from $150,000 to $1.2 million, depending on its speculations. Thus, many hospitals may lack adequate funds to purchase the equipment. Nonetheless, governments can ensure that they help hospitals to acquire MRIs. Additionally, other organizations such as banks can provide loans to the health care facilities and help them purchase MRIs. Charity organizations have also played a significant role in sponsoring hospitals. Thus, these institutions can help health facilities purchase MRIs.

Compelling Argument for the Purchase of the Capital Item

  • Increased hospital performance will be achieved.
  • Easy detection of various infections due to the availability of images can be achieved.
  • MRI is non-invasive and does not use radiation.
  • MRI can help achieve multiplanar imaging capabilities.
  • MRI produces superior soft-tissue contrast resolution.

One of the advantages of MRI is that it will increase hospital performance since many patients will be diagnosed and treated. Easy detection of infections will also be achieved as many infections can be analyzed using three-dimensional images. Radiation can also lead to more infections, which makes MRI an essential tool since it is non-invasive. Moreover, it can achieve multiplanar imaging capabilities, which other models cannot achieve. Superior soft tissue images can also be achieved using MRI, which is essential in diagnosis.

Limits Congestion

  • Congestion in hospitals has been experienced in many hospitals.
  • MRI limits loss of life due to delayed services.
  • MRI enables health practitioners to gain more skills.
  • Different patients with various diseases can be treated with ease.
  • It is time-saving as it is quicker than some tests.

Congestion in hospitals due to slow services can be limited using MRI since many patients can be diagnosed using MRI. Moreover, it prevents loss of life experienced in hospitals due to delayed services in consultation and laboratories. Health providers can also learn more ways of providing medical services using MRI. Treatment of various diseases can also be achieved since more information will be acquired using MRI. Time-saving is another essential aspect of the MRI.

Improved Technology

  • MRI improves the use of technology in health care.
  • Provides valid results since it uses modern technology.
  • Have limited disadvantages due to its advanced aspects.
  • Easy for health practitioners to use.
  • MRI is less likely to produce an allergic reaction that may occur when iodine-based substances are used for CT scans.

Technology has been encouraged in health care since it helps in improving the services offered. Thus, MRI will be of great significance since it uses modern technology. The validity of results is also essential and can be achieved using MRI due to its advanced technology. MRI does not have many disadvantages that can be experienced in some other procedures. Moreover, it is easy for practitioners to use and inspect the images. An allergic reaction is also common in some diagnoses (Gao et al., 2016). Thus, MRI is essential since people are less likely to experience reactions.

MRI can determine the Spread of Infected Cells

  • MRI can benefit cancer patients using its images.
  • Radiologists and technologists can cooperate in interpreting the images with ease.
  • The quality of an image can be enhanced using gadolinium DTPA.
  • MRI is normally a pain-free process that requires no recovery period afterward.
  • A relative or close friend can stay near the patient during an exam.

Cancer patients have experienced challenges when seeking medical care. MRI can help them learn about the progress of their treatment. Radiologists can also ensure that they work with technologists to ensure that images are interpreted appropriately (Liney et al., 2018). The quality of an image can also be enhanced to ensure that the practitioner can derive information from the pictures. The process is also pain-free, and no recovery period is required like in other procedures. Patients may feel uncomfortable when undergoing some procedures. Thus, MRI is vital since a relative or close friend can stay near the patient during the process.


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