Digital Marketing Effectiveness

The study’s findings reveal that attention should be placed on digital marketing channels such as Facebook, WOM, and search engines, while experiential marketing should use entertainment and escapism as marketing strategies. Nonetheless, consumer loyalty plays a significant role in influencing consumer satisfaction (Chui, 2017, p. 34). Reliance of these findings to guide Asia and other regions related to consumer engagement and participation is grounded on the understanding that business decisions tend to depend on good marketing research (Condon, 2017, p. 54). Through good research, findings are critical and help businesses establish the connection between marketing and sales, and strategies essential in realizing consumer satisfaction (Young, 2017, p. 67). From the article, the findings are significant in guiding Asia and other regions in that they offer insight into the value that digital marketing brings to businesses in terms of marketing.

Firms must realize that efficiency in marketing is associated with effective media utilization through channels like search engines, Facebook, and word-of-mouth. By relying on these findings, businesses across Asia and other regions can capitalize on the associated digital marketing channels to successfully market their services and products. Moreover, the article uses quantitative research to gather data, and based on research, quantitative studies are central in determining the opinions, experiences, and participants’ thoughts and feelings (Verhoeven, 2019, p. 99). Therefore, the significance of the findings can be attributed to what consumers consider as effective marketing strategies.

Another significant research element that contributes to the study’s findings is the use of a substantial sample size. The sample size used is a good representation of the public, and based on research, a large sample size significantly influences precision estimates and how the conclusions are made (Odeh, & Fox, 2020, p. 78). The sample used in the article includes participants from Hong Kong and other regions. That is why the research findings can be relied on both in Asia and other regions.


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