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This research paper explores digital marketing, its real-world examples, importance, own contribution to the theme and provides the conclusion. Text, email, content syndication, advertising, PPC, SEM, and SEO are among the digital marketing instances. Digital marketing methods aid in the successful development of a company. Email marketing uses emails to promote a company’s products or services. The utilization of videos to sell products and services, enhance engagement on a company’s digital and interactive platforms, educate customers, and reach a modern audience is referred to as video marketing. A business’s website is typically the first point of contact for potential customers. Several blogs and influencers use their websites and social media platforms for advertising various items as affiliate marketers. Digital marketing methods aid in the successful development of a company. Organizations should incorporate digital marketing into their daily operations since it connects with its customers online and applies to all trade forms.


Digital marketing denotes the dissemination and establishment of content via digital channels such as landing pages, websites, email, social media, mobile applications, and content promotion. Businesses can promote their content using various owned, earned, and paid digital platforms. Among the real-world examples of digital publicizing firms can use include text, email, content syndication, advertising, PPC, SEM, and SEO. Digital marketing strategies facilitate the successful building of a business. Organizations should adopt digital marketing in their daily activities because it links a corporation with its clients online and is operative in all commerce.

Real-World Examples

Email Promotion

Email publicizing represents an advertising medium that utilizes emails to advertise a corporation’s products or amenities. Incorporating it into a company’s marketing automation activities can support making customers informed of the latest deals. Both B2C and B2B marketers equally employ email marketing, among the earliest and most well-known digital marketing strategies. Email marketing is cheaper and plays a vital role in expanding or growing a business and improving its performance (Gloor, 2017). Companies collect customer information across numerous customer experience checkpoints with email campaigns, categorize it to comprehend your potential buyer’s preferences, and eventually acquire a permit to supplement them to the email list. Value is essential to guarantee that emails are viewed and read by recipients rather than discarded immediately. Emails and digital products should be attractive and entertaining, but there should be an equilibrium between delivering emails. Texting is the instant mode to reach clients, second only to email advertisements, and however, like social sites, messages should be brief to be successful. Short messaging systems (SMS) that are document or multichannel messaging (MMS) that can involve movies and animations can be used by advertising agencies.

Video Marketing

Video marketing describes the application of videos to advertise and sell a good or service, boost engagement on a business’s digital and social platforms, educate consumers, and reach a modern audience. The use of film in promotion is multiplying among organizations of all kinds, including small enterprises and freelancers. Video is viral since people enjoy watching videos for entertainment and education, and they also exchange videos. Video marketing helps both B2B and B2C consumers buy the products. Video marketing inducements are paramount to developing and refreshing shoppers’ brand remembrances and snowballing their tendency to buy (Simmonds et al., 2020). Video content benefits brand awareness, internet traffic, and currency exchange rates. For years, films integrated with blog material have been a staple of B2B and B2C articles marketing tactics. The secret to having more people viewing a company’s material is to share it in video format. That is why firms want to advertise films on their websites and social media networks using third-party streaming sites and encouraging others to promote the films. Businesses should make sure their movies are brief and to the point because people’s memories are limited.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is convenient for reaching a specific, focused audience and communicating with customers, future customers, and partners directly. Facebook is the most popular social media network on the planet as B2B buyers continue to use Twitter. Gen Z and millennial consumers love TikTok and Instagram, and LinkedIn connects B2B buyers in buying cycle. Social media promotions allow businesses and customers to network and socialize (Sreejesh et al., 2020). Different forms of content are included on each social media network, although they are all heavily centered on video and images. Social media is an affordable digital marketing tool for increasing a company’s perceptibility. Because a corporation will be interacting with various clients, adopting a communication plan will boost its product recognition. A business’s inbound flow is narrowed to regular consumers if it does not market its brand through social media. Individuals familiar with the brand are probably looking for similar keywords that a business already ranks. Every public profile a company supplements to their selling mix obliges as a gateway to the firm’s website. Every message they circulate represents another opportunity to get a consumer.

Content and SEO Marketing

Content marketing customizes its approach to an individual customer base as a company offers its message. The more tailored content is, the more likely it is to pique the person’s interest, intrigue them, and keep their attention on purchasing the item (Saima & Khan, 2020). However, the material must be relevant to the intent and interests of the target audience and deliver some worth to increase engagement rates. Email content, sales funnels, graphics, e-books, corporate briefs, banner advertising, videos, texts, commercials, magazines, press releases, stories, blogging, and digital cards are all examples of content kinds. Content can be shared across media, but it should all have the same tone and purpose. A solid search engine optimization (SEO) plan improves web pages (landing pages, articles) to appear higher and more frequently in search outcomes, resulting in increased traffic.

Keywords and website optimization are essential for good SEO rankings. Businesses should use researched phrases and lengthy keywords throughout online content to increase SEO and get the best sales conversion returns. Another strategy to enhance page rank and draw prospective consumers to your business’s content is linking organically from elevated third-party sites. PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is when a business pays for each time someone clicks on a particular link. PPC advertising is available on most search engines and social media platforms. PPC advertising will display in the feeds of your targeted consumers and prospects. SEM is pay-per-click advertising that can significantly influence. When visitors search for specified keywords, it entails funding a search tool to display targeted advertising (text) and a connection in a prominent place. A company’s website is frequently the primary contact for prospective clients. Excellent site design may help to ensure that all digital tokens have the same look and feel. It should increase a website’s search engine optimization, consumer experience, and exchange rate.

Companies can reach extra prospects by displaying appropriate marketing on third-party websites. Banners, popup boxes, video advertising, and advertisements that lead to websites or pages are examples of such adverts. Affiliate marketers include several blogs and influencers who utilize their websites and social media profiles to promote various products and influence potential buyers (Saima & Khan, 2020. For particular marketing products, affiliate advertisers are paid a commission. The affiliate earns more money if these merchants bring more traffic and consumers. Over the last few years, the conventional advertising medium has undergone massive transformations. Nowadays, more promotions are feasible across new Television channels such as YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, and others because of technological advancements. However, corporations should not dismiss network television and radio because people continue to watch television programming and listen to music despite the proliferation of other delights.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows one to reach a detailed target market affordably and aids in the establishment of a trustworthy online company. It creates favorable customer boldness and purchase purposes toward promoted financial goods and facilities (Dogra & Kaushal, 2022). Digital marketing has other benefits, such as enabling businesses to connect with clients globally, increasing brand awareness, and online sales. Besides, it enhances a corporation to extend into new sectors and trade globally for a small expenditure. When a corporation or an individual expands globally, they continue to target a specific demographic, creating a win for all parties.


Establishments should accept digital selling in their day-to-day actions since it connects a business with potential clients and is operative in all commerce. Digital publicizing takes very minimal investment upfront; as a result, it is suitable for small businesses. Basic capabilities are available for free in most digital marketing solutions. It is up to human resource managers to maximize their potential. Additionally, internet marketing has a worldwide reach, enhancing orders for a service or product that can come from anywhere on the planet and are not confined to a specific region.

Own Contribution

Digital marketing helps companies in obtaining more options for future exposure initiatives. Persons can use digital marketing to test and halt efforts that are not doing well in real-time. It effectively links individuals with their clients across all industries. Firms may use social media to reach new audiences and reconnect with old customers. Because digital marketing professionals can determine the current social media patterns and seek to exploit them, the value of digital promotion for firms becomes clear. Consumers and businesses can also learn about each other through digital marketing. Digital promotions permit partners to communicate directly, creating a far tighter connection than traditional marketing approaches could allow.


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