Drug Addiction and Treatment Program Evaluation

Drug addiction is one of the most serious and difficult to overcome diseases because it affects a person physically and mentally. The addicted person requires to achieve emotional balance, so he or she seeks to experience the effects of the drug again and again. Any stimulant or depressant and its impact gradually replace all the usual positive emotions for an individual. Addiction changes the behavior of a person and influences their body and health, turning it into an inactive state. Therefore, in order to prevent such consequences and return persons to a sober mind, medical workers created special medical centers. One of these institutions in Jefferson County, Missouri, is Sana Lake Recovery. It is a private treatment facility that provides high-quality assistance, many programs and procedures. Thus, this paper will assess the program in terms of its primary function, the clients served, specific aspects and theoretical basis of the program, plus its effectiveness.

The primary function of the program is to help people overcome addiction through an individual approach and specific treatment methods for everyone. Sana Lake’s suggested methods include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivation-enhancing therapy, 12-step facilitation and pharmacotherapy, family behavioral therapy, among others (Sana Lake, 2019). Moreover, the location of the center in natural conditions, near the lake, and beautiful landscapes help everyone delve into therapy and achieve sustainable results. Patients should find the right way and give up addiction on their own since, in this way, they are less likely to return to drugs (Weinstein et al., 2018). The presence of recreation rooms, playgrounds, fire pit, and other places is designed for people of all ages and interests. The policy of Sana Lake notes that the institution is deliberately called among the employees and visited a recreation and recovery center and not a medical center (Sana Lake, 2019). This concept allows patients not to think about spending time in the center as in a hospital and helps them enjoy the rest and learn to appreciate life without drugs.

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It is important to note that anyone can become a client of the Sana Lake Center. There are different ways to apply, for example, on the website or by phone. Moreover, even family members, friends, partners, or work colleagues can make a request for help. One of the key points is the appeal to the clients of the specialists of Sana Lake. Each client in the facility is called a member of the Club because the person belongs to the community of recovering substance users (Sana Lake, 2019). Everything in the organization is set up for the convenience, benefit, and comfort of patients. Therefore, health care workers are focused on helping to overcome problems and drug addiction. Any individual will feel that they are truly cared for, appreciated, and understood.

Specific aspects of the Sana Lake Recovery program are high-quality programming, qualified personnel, and budget (Sana Lake, 2019). The center provides a modern gym, yoga, golf, acupuncture, a variety of excursions such as hiking trails and water walks (Sana Lake, 2019). The personnel include therapists, substance use counselors, community support specialists, wellness coaches, and nurses with many years of experience in drug treatment (Sana Lake, 2019). The specialists from the Sana Lake Center claim to provide services that people can rarely find in one place. This is the reason why it provides a large number of programs such as Residential and Medication-Assisted Treatment, Detox, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient Treatment Programs, among others.

Since it is a private wellness center, the funding and budget directly depend on the patients. The cost of treatment depends on its form, duration, recovery period, services, and other factors (Weinstein et al., 2018). On average, the program lasts 30 days, but there are cases when it takes 60 or even 90 days. The forms of treatment such as an inpatient, outpatient, detox, and others play an essential role in the recovery process. In general, the minimum cost of treatment can be five or six thousand dollars, while the maximum is sixty thousand dollars (Sana Lake, 2019). The finance department states that the price of recovery most often frightens and repels patients (Sana Lake, 2019). However, there are ways to make treatment more affordable. One of these methods is insurance coverage from any insurer that can significantly reduce the final cost. Furthermore, by applying for a plan, everyone can get benefits and reduce the cost of treatment by at least a half.

The theoretical basis of the program is based on the philosophy and principles of the center. Sana Lake’s philosophy states that every employee, service provider, and volunteer has a duty to support, re-educate, guide, and care for patients (Sana Lake, 2019). In addition, they claim to provide an individual approach based on the evidence of care (Sana Lake, 2019). The principles of the center are based on the following: honesty, hope, faith, courage, integrity, willingness, humility, responsibility, justice, self-discipline, spirituality, and service.

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They are honest with clients and control only the actions and reactions of the staff, which is significant for self-awareness and recognition among workers in patients. They believe and hope for the best result but understand that the outcome may not always be positive. It prevents the center’s clients from pressure from medical specialists. Moreover, they do not hold grudges and let go of grievances, thereby setting an example to others. Workers always speak directly about problems and are open with patients about all future actions, so there is understanding and respect between them. They are also responsible for all steps, consequences, and reactions, which creates a sense of trustworthiness and confidence in the setting. The Sana Lake team works for the benefit of others and strives to help people suffering from drug addiction.

Satisfied and healthy patients measure the effectiveness of the program. Although Sana Lake is a young institution, it is developing fast and trying to help every client. Therefore, patients can stay in touch with the center and come there at any moment, even after the end of treatment. Moreover, everyone can attend internal meetings and spend time with the team that has struggled to recover. The institution claims that it is ready to stay in touch as long as it is necessary to strengthen the effectiveness of the treatment and recovery from addiction. Anyone in the Facebook group can view feedbacks and photos of happy and satisfied clients who comment on posts and recommend the center to those who need it.

Sana Lake Recovery Center is a treatment facility that offers assistance to people addicted to drugs in Jefferson County, Missouri. It offers many different programs, various treatment plans and therapies so that everyone can find the right program for himself or herself. The center, its workers, conditions, and services are aimed at obtaining high-quality and full-fledged treatment of clients. The institution tries to do everything for its patients, so it creates comfortable conditions and helps with the payment. To conclude, it is a great medical facility with highly qualified specialists who really help clients.


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