Safety and Healthcare Quality


Safety is an essential aspect of healthcare that illustrates the effort toward error prevention. Patient safety is a detrimental goal among healthcare professionals. Healthcare Quality is the level of services provided by healthcare workers aimed to increase outcomes according to professional standards.


Safety is a concept designed to prevent, minimize, combat, and analyze certain errors and mistakes that lead to negative outcomes for patients.

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  • Safety initiatives;
  • Medical errors;
  • Preventing errors.

Safety initiatives are essential to the concept of safety by being implementations designed to analyze existing risk factors and mitigate them. Medical errors and safety are excluding concepts, yet it is important to identify them for patient safety. Preventing errors is an essential aspect of safety since it leads to better outcomes and fewer risks.

Healthcare Quality

Healthcare Quality is a concept that encompasses multiple topics within patient care and illustrates the resources utilized for it.


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  • Quality patient care;
  • Patient-centered care;
  • Patient satisfaction.

Quality patient care is the concept where patients are subjects of discussion regarding appropriate medical support. Patient-centered care highlights the individuality and personal needs of each patient. Patient satisfaction assesses how the patient feels about the services provided to him.

High-Level Clinical Judgment

High-level clinical judgment is the awareness nurses have regarding certain concerns.

Impact: Nurses are aware of possible errors/problems within the medical environment. Healthcare quality improves.

Safety Initiatives

Digital intravenous pumps – the technology that administers medication without human implication. Assessment of nurses’ levels of satisfaction – examining nurses’ well-being. Electronic nursing documentation – a system that authorizes nurses to collect/store/share patient’s data electronically.

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Healthcare Quality Initiatives

Data analysis is analyzing qualitative data regarding patient satisfaction and outcomes. Interpreting feedback is assessing survey answers and commentary provided by patients. Implementing relevant guidelines is providing nurses with relevant guidelines and policies that are aimed at improving healthcare quality.

Advancing Workplace Communication

Strategies for advanced communication:

  • Frequent professional meetings among nurses;
  • Positive encouragement;
  • Promoting clear and concise instructions in emergencies.


Healthcare quality is the level of healthcare. A quality patient care, centralized care, and patient satisfaction ensure a high level of healthcare quality. Safety ensures safe experiences for patients. Safety initiatives, medical errors, and preventing errors are the concepts that are included in safety within a medical environment.


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