Evaluating Quality Measure


Finding hospital information is easier and convenient when using the Hospital Compare Website. It provides beneficial details explaining how hospitals perform compared to others in the state and nationally. It provides information on the quality of care for Medicare-certified facilities, including military hospitals and Veterans Administration medical centers. Data provided by the website can support patients when selecting the most appropriate hospitals to seek treatment (CMS, 2020). Moreover, the comparison encourages hospitals to improve the quality of care given to patients to remain relevant in the market. This paper evaluates the case of a 40-year-old patient and compares Orange Park with other hospitals in Jacksonville FL Florida and nationally.

Orange Park Hospital

Category from Scenario List the Measure used to Represent the Category Statistic for Hospital Measure Statistic for State Measure Statistic for National Measure
Use of Medical Imaging Medical imaging is used for CT, MRI, X-rays, and mammograms in assisting health professionals to diagnose health conditions affecting patients.
•Percentage of patients presenting low back pain who have gone through MRI but had not tried physical therapy
(high number means unnecessary MRI scans for low back pain).
Not available (very few to be reported) 38.8% 39%
Timely and Effective Care Emergency Department Care.
Timely and effective response in a health facility is essential as it enhances positive patient outcomes. Delays in the emergency department before care poses a major risk to the patient. It also reduces the expected quality of care, especially for patients with serious injuries or illnesses. Waiting time varies differently in various hospitals and it depends on the staffing levels, motivation, number of patients to be seen, admitting procedures as well as bed capacity.
•Percentage of patients leaving the emergency department without being seen.
(High numbers indicate understaffing or lack of resources to offer timely and effective care. This measure gives the percentage of of patients who were received at the emergency department but left before the healthcare professional evaluate them).
1% 1% 2%
Patient satisfaction: Communication from Nurses Patients report a positive communication outcome from the nurses Not Available Not Available Not Available

Sources for Finding Facilities’ Public Information

Hospital Compare is a reliable source of information to individuals interested in finding data. The American Hospital Directory (AHD) is also reliable for sourcing public information of health facilities for issues such as the one affecting the 40-year-old female patient. AHD has a smaller database covering at least 7,000 hospitals in America. The directory enables the public to evaluate claims forwarded to Medicare, costs reported to hospitals, as well as utilized commercial licensors. Moreover, it supports searching for both national and state statistics. The Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIFLD) offers beneficial and reliable information to the public (HIFLD Data Catalog, 2021). It is effective for patients looking for specific data to support the making of sound decisions. It also provides extra links to enhance mappings and apps that promote further research of detailed information.

A Measure from the Data Table and Its Impact on the Facility

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a measure that can help determine the issue affecting the patient since she complained of lower back pain. Although the measure was suggested, the machine was faulty and the patient had to wait for another appointment for the test to be taken. It is rare for the equipment to break down at the hospital implying that such scenarios are uncommon (Tonosu, 2017). The number of outpatients with a similar case who took the MRI before considering recommended treatment options was minimal. Moreover, the national and state figures were higher than other facilities meaning that it was an unusual occurrence. Limited hospitals in Florida state would propose the MRI test before trying other available options.

In conclusion, patients must search public information regarding a facility before their visitation to ensure the provision of quality health care. Although it may be impossible to research during emergencies, it is recommendable to understand more about deciding to seek treatment. Data available to the public is adequate to support patients when selecting appropriate hospitals. Moreover, comparing the facility ranking is important for the patient’s gain.


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