Health Problems in Rural Areas

Illnesses and Risk Factors of Farmworkers

Farmers in developed countries today often do not receive enough physical activity due to limited responsibilities. For example, they may collect fruits or vegetables during their shifts without much walking or stretching. Some of the common illnesses they experience include obesity, hypertension, and diabetes (“Health care for farm workers” 00:00:35-00:00:40). Repetitive motions and long hours of work increase the risk for the mentioned illnesses. Moreover, for many people from rural areas, access to professional medical help is limited (“Health care for farm workers” 00:00:55-00:00:59). This happens because of the unequal distribution of doctors in the territory of the US.

Cultural Competence Recommendations for a Clinic

In many situations that require medical help, people from the farms and rural areas would wait for a long time before going to visit a doctor. This may happen because they cannot stop working as it provides vital income, the medical institution is too far, or the specialist is not available regularly. Furthermore, sometimes farmers are rather shy about discussing their symptoms while doctors act irritated. The first recommendation would be personal discussions with the patients to relieve their anxiety and record accurate health data. The second includes using technology, such as mobile applications and teleconferences (“The future of rural healthcare” 00:03:28-00:03:50). And the third would be organizing medicine delivery to rural areas through flying drones or their functional alternatives.

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