Healthcare Program for Older People

Today, there are numerous healthcare programs which tend to be similar and cover almost the same problems. However, it is clear that healthcare facilities should also address other issues. For instance, older people are not always adequately cared for, including those living in nursing homes. This is the reason why it is vital to create something that can considerably improve their health and be managed by older people themselves without any help from others.

Healthcare Problem

It is evident from numerous research studies that older people’s bodies lack vitamins and minerals which are, obviously, significant for their health. In other words, vitamin deficiency might considerably worsen their health since it yields severe consequences such as heart diseases, high blood pressure which is more unfavorable for older people that for the younger generation, sclerosis, immune system disorders, and even cancer (Holick, 2017). It is vital for everybody, especially the elderly, to take vitamins and minerals daily in suitable proportions for each vitamin group. Generally speaking, it seems not rational to eat fruit, vegetables, and nuts to consume minerals needed for the body properly. On the contrary, it is much more efficient to intake pills that already include the required daily portion of each vitamin or mineral.

Healthcare Service

Therefore, it is reasonable to create a free project that can tackle the vitamin deficiency problem in the elderly since such programs are not widespread, though highly needed. An ideal method of solving this problem is creating a charitable project that would analyze the need in vitamins and minerals in each patient. After the thorough analysis, the pill intakes would be structured according to the days of a month. For instance, the box would contain thirty partitions for each day of a month, so the vitamin doses which are individual for everyone can be consumed by older people during the whole four weeks. The only thing left would be to pack and deliver all the boxes to peoples’ houses or current nursing homes every month.

Healthcare Market Analysis

Before starting the project, it was significant to analyze the healthcare market, where no same-specialty organizations on the United States territory were found. However, numerous projects are related to the food supply for older people, such as The Commodity Supplemental Food Program, The Child and Adult Care Food Program, and The Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (The U.S. Department of Agriculture, n.d.). Therefore, it seems reasonable to create such a charitable project, which would be unique and, more significantly, valuable to the older population.

Management and Operating Plans

Consequently, it is vital to find a place to store the vitamins and package them to make this idea work. The perfect location would be in the city’s suburbs so that the product would be quickly shipped from abroad or locally. In addition to the mentioned advantages, the rent of the storage would be considerably smaller. The next step would be to find qualified doctors, who can analyze older people’s vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and interns from the medical universities or colleges as their assistants. Furthermore, the intake progress of every older person would be examined by hired charitable workers every month to increase, decrease, or take away individual doses. It is also significant to hire people with vehicles who can quickly and easily navigate the city to deliver the packages every month. Another critical point is to find numerous investing corporations or other charitable programs to have funds for operating every part of the project: from medicaments orders to their delivery.

As the project’s main point is its charitable aspect, finding investors or other nutrition programs to fund the healthcare organization is reasonable. After researching the financing opportunities, it was discovered that The Older Americans Act Nutrition Program, which is a part of the Administration on Aging, could provide grants to help support nutrition services for older people throughout the country (The U.S. Department of Agriculture, n.d.). Another way to attract individual investors is by creating a website to describe the aspects of the project in a detailed manner (Ibrisevic, 2020). The webpage should contain truthful information so more people would become convinced to fund this project without any doubts or hesitations.

Financial Analysis

It might be reasonable to attempt to get funding from the local state government or even the president. Such grants are accessible only for nonprofit projects, and the funds collected from the offering are not to be repaid, so it seems to be a good option for financing the suggested healthcare program (Ibrisevic, 2020). Furthermore, numerous famous companies and brands are always keen on funding charitable projects to improve their image and increase their sales (Ibrisevic, 2020). The same aim for financing nonprofits is common for popular actors, singers, and other media influencers. The previously mentioned methods for finding investors are highly efficient, especially when combined, and can cover all the aspects to make the project operating possible.

Timeline of the Project

The launching of the charity project would approximately take from 5 to 7 weeks. To manage everything quickly, a productive approach would be to hire the workers to find the storage and rent it, qualified doctors to complete the research, packaging options, and delivery people. The most significant part is to stimulate the investors seeking, which can be quickly done with the help of professionals (Odjick, 2021). It is expected that the whole hiring process, along with search for financing, can last no more than three weeks.

Then, when the professional team is gathered, and corporations or investors are financing the project, it is time to pay for the rent, purchase the medicaments and packages for storing them. Most of the time workers would spend analyzing the vitamin and mineral options on the market, especially their quality, which may last around a week. When all the payments are processed, the last step would be to create a website to let everybody know about the future launching. This way, nursing homes would be aware of such a nonprofit project and become interested in such opportunities for older people’s health improvements. Furthermore, children would be more than happy to help their parents provide vitamins and minerals for them every month. Finally, when everything is ready to operate productively, it would be the time to launch a Vitamins and Minerals for the Aging charity project.

Conclusion and Feasibility

To sum up, the launch of the whole charitable project is feasible and expected to take approximately one and a half months. Moreover, the efficiency of the healthcare program is guaranteed since there are no similar charities to the one previously described, which might result in the high interest in Vitamins and Minerals for the Aging project. This program would improve the health of many older people across the country and help them avert immune and neurological disorders, cancer, and problems with high blood pressure. Generally speaking, the organization would serve as a useful and valuable one among other healthcare programs. In the future, it will be possible to efficiently combine Vitamins and Minerals for the Aging with other similar nonprofit organizations related to the food supply for older people.


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