Healthcare System and Major Forces Affecting It

The healthcare system is one of the most complex financial and legal structures. Nowadays, there are several forces that have some influence on this system; moreover, they affect both positively and negatively. In other words, these forces present health leaders with certain challenges but at the same time give new opportunities. The aim is to analyze the main forces, what impact they have on healthcare delivery, and the challenges and opportunities for healthcare leaders.

Indeed, the development of technology has a significant impact on the healthcare system. In the 20th century, amazing know-how to treat the most severe illnesses, diseases, and injuries appeared (Knickman & Elbel, 2019). Modern technologies are used not only in the entertainment, industrial, or other industries but also in the medical field. It affects healthcare delivery since today, complex operations and the diagnosis of previously unknown diseases become possible. The economy is no less significant force, as the level of provided services directly depends on it. Thus, some diseases can only be cured in specific countries, which formulates the economic influence on healthcare delivery.

Another force affecting the healthcare system is the adults’ number increasing. This group of patients is characterized by more prolonged illnesses, in some cases, more serious diseases. One needs to provide more comfortable conditions of stay, for example, to improve treating in hospitals for in-patients. In addition, a large number of qualified nurses is necessary to look after older patients. It similarly affects healthcare delivery: for more mature patients, one needs more options for their support. In other words, if the trend toward increasing patients’ age continues, the normal provision of health care may be at risk in the future.

These forces affect the healthcare system and healthcare delivery and provide a range of challenges and opportunities for leaders in the medicine area. Thus, the development of technology is associated with an increasing number of qualified personnel. Indeed, the more complex the technology is, the higher qualifications are required to deal with it. Likewise, the higher the worker’s qualification is, the higher one’s salary should be, which implies a financial challenge for healthcare leaders. On the other hand, new possibilities are opening up for the diagnosis and treatment of the most challenging diseases and the prevention of infections. New achievements in treatment will help attract significant investments, which will contribute to the development of medicine in general.

In some cases, the economy can also become a serious challenge since the lack of opportunities to treat certain diseases can lead to an outflow of patients in some areas. In turn, it will lead to a deterioration in the economy: thus, the principle of a snowball may be launched. On the other hand, with a stable economic situation, there are favorable conditions for further development. It formulates an opportunity to achieve the most daring aims in various areas of medicine. Public policy is the instrument that affects any social programs and ideas (Nduka, 2018). Therefore, the public policy aimed at stabilizing the economy in the medical field can have a positive effect and a possibility for growth.

The healthcare system has changed drastically in recent years, with many opportunities and challenges emerging. Consequently, one can realize what the main forces influencing the healthcare system and healthcare delivery today are. It is also clear that these forces may formulate a challenge for healthcare leaders. However, these forces can be used as new opportunities for further development and achievement of new goals through suitable approaches and strategies.


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