Personal Health Information Breaches

The question of privacy is taken seriously in the modern world. People want to feel safe and be sure that their personal information will not leak. However, society is facing a bigger number of breaches every year. Personal health information is not an exception, and many people are suffering from these leaks. Hence, privacy, confidentiality, and security should be highly protected to avoid breaches. Otherwise, it can negatively influence different spheres of people’s lives.

There are a lot of reasons why those leaks are happening. People are used to having all the information on their phones, computers, and other electronic devices. Other than that, almost everybody is using different social media platforms. While doing so, they are allowing access to their phones by accepting terms of use. Social media platforms gather information about users to use for commercial matters. The following reason for frequent breaches is the transition from paper to electronic health records. It is easier to hack the computer than to get hold of actual documents in the modern world.

Possible data breaches influence relationships between patients and nurses. People are afraid to provide personal information because they do not feel safe. Hence, they do not trust hospitals, doctors, and nurses, which causes certain difficulties. Sometimes even a tiny detail such as forgetting to log out of the system can cause data leaks (Grover et al.,2020). That is why there are specific rules both patient and nurse have to stick to in order to protect information.

Personal health information breaches happen pretty frequently, which influence the perception of hospitals by people. The systems have to be more reliable and harder to hack. All the materials need to be better encrypted, which would make it harder to get the information even in case of breaches. Overall, electronic systems are beneficial in terms of organizational matters and communication with the patients, but they just need to be more protected.


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